Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Cameron and May spoke several times of stopping tax dodging, guess when they had no other subject to speak about.  They proved their sincerity when they sacked 11,000 HMRC staff and plan another 8,000.

Apparent the tax dodgers move their money around a complicated net so tight even Einstein would have a job to follow. Therefore, the HMRC could have done with 19,000 staff and more to follow their movements and catch them for prosecution.

A new scandal exploded in Parliament when the so called “Paradise Papers” data was revealed.

No doubt, it will end up like the Panama papers that everyone in Government swears their innocence and being Tories, standing together.

So far, although it already died as headlines in major newspapers, but three actors were named because they invested £2million. The came happen last time with the Panama Papers that some known people in show-business or other had been prosecuted but no Politian.  

In Iceland when their government was found out they were involved they sacked their PM and several other important persons. Other countries done the same but not UK. Even Cameron, PM at that time, sworn innocence.

Tax expert Andrew Smith already stated on BBC that criminal prosecution will not happen against Appleby which is the centre of the scandal.

“Appleby advice has gone no further than tax avoidance, we shouldn’t expect to see any prosecution in the UK arising from this data leak. The new criminal offences rolled out by HMRC – such as failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion – are not retroactive, but even if they were, nothing has been disclosed so far which suggests they would criminalise what has happened here.”

Andrew Smith, Partner, Corker Binning

In other words, no matter how many more papers from tax havens are leaked PM May and her Government will not take the information to stop the tax dodgers. There are too many of her friends involved and she would be out of the door.

The loophole is so big that Tax avoidance is legal, but Tax evasion is not.

Another point, which is incredible, that these big boys spent rather huge sums of money on accountants instead paying at least some of their tax.
It doesn't make any difference
to the children but as long
Tories can show a reduced data 

In the people’s opinion it is still wrong; and the country loses hundreds of billions of pounds which would pay for the NHS, schools, relief poverty, homelessness. If they would only bring back a third of the money sitting in tax havens it would also wipe out or drastically reduce the deficit of almost £2trillion.

But as long as the Tories are in power nothing will happen. The only hope people have is that either May resigns, and the Government crushes and Labour comes into power.

Even if May resigns there will only be another power-hungry Tory come into place and it won’t make any difference; it could be even worse. 

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