Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Children who have to live in Shelter accommodation or hostels. Since the demand is so great the family is only given one room.

By law they suppose only be there for a maximum of six weeks but they are usually there for years.

Some families have two or three children and you can imagine there is no room to move about apart from sitting constantly on a bed.

Their plight always gets highlighted towards Christmas hoping for a bigger impact and although MPs, charity organisations and PM May are fully aware of it but don’t do nothing about it.

On the contrary, May even agreed to add the £12billion Welfare cuts, suggested by ex-Chancellor George Osborne, on already very hard-up people due to austerity.

As if that is not enough she also wants to roll-out the controversial Universal Credit which has five week waiting for the first payment. How can financially hard-up people survive five weeks without money?

There are food banks mushrooming all over the place preventing mass starvation.

The latest are special cards printed ‘Hunger’ to be used at special automats containing sandwiches, sweets, drinks and even sanitary towels for rough sleepers and homeless.

It is a very good idea and appreciated but there is also a thought that instead spending all that extra money why not stop cutting benefits, bedroom tax and pay the working people the correct wage. It would make more sense.

Ever since Tories are in power the number of multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires have doubled and trebled; only off the back of people and worst of all the disabled, cutting NHS, schools and public service.

When questioned during PMQ, May always denies the situation and yet she constantly makes it worse by adding further Welfare cuts.

If that is not hypocritical, what is?

May cannot kid the people any more of not being aware. There were too many times questions and demands during PMQ. Furthermore, too many demonstrations demanding more funding of NHS, schools, increase of payments of civil servants and pensions.

Any normal person asked themselves how May and her zombies can sit back seeing the suffering and death. What kind of conscious and principles have they got, if any?

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