Thursday, 7 December 2017


It goes back as far as Margaret Thatcher when the biggest paedophile Jimmy Saville was covered-up till his death. When he died everybody knew about it and therefore it is unbelievable MT didn’t know.

Since we heard of a Historical Child Abuse -, a VIP Sex ring in Westminster - and lately a Sex Pests in Westminster scandal.

However, none of them had been investigated and the guilty one brought to justice. Why? Do they know something with which they protect themselves and blackmail them? It does look like it because the one in authority would just not dare to bring them to court.

The late Mr Janner Labour MP was accused but he denied it. By the time it came to a court case he was too ill. The scandal almost died until he died and it was then admitted that he was guilty.

The Historical child abuse case, the so-called investigation is dragging on for decades. The police discovered tenth of people but the Government will not bring it to an end. Celebrities were found guilty during the same time but not one politician.

At the beginning of the inquiry the victims made an appointment with Theresa May, Home Secretary at that time. When the victims came to meet her they were made to wait for two hours and then informed that May had to fly to Brussels although there was no meeting. In other words, she dived and the victims got hurt once more.

Then came the VIP sex ring in Westminster and it was ignored until it died a natural death in the press.

Now we heard of Sex Pests in Westminster and it will go the same way. If it would be really opened up it would have a domino effect and it is, most probably, the reason for the cover-up.

Mr Damian Green, PM May’s Deputy, is accused that he had 1000s porno pictures on his House of Common’s computer. Of course, he denied it and they all cover him up. David Davies, Brexit Secretary, which is quite a heavy weight at the moment, stated: “He would quit the cabinet if Damian Green was unfairly fired.”

To some extent it is a fair comment but what if Damian Green is guilty and an ex-policeman who was an expert in that field stated he had seen 1000s of porno pictures. Although it was discovered in 2008 but who is guaranteeing he is not still carrying on.

At least Mr Green should be suspended till the matter had been investigated like Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn done with some accused MPs but that would never happen in the Tory HQ.

All the scandals like Panama Papers, Paradise Paper, Historical Child Abuse, VIP Sex ring in Westminster, Sex Pests in Westminster vanished out of headlines and then will be forgotten.

It is a disgrace but Tory Gov couldn’t care less as long they get off the hook and keep their job with huge sums of money rolling in.   

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