Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Update 29 Nov., 2018 -- Yes,  it seems like Tories have their finger in Twitter - Four times I wrote my opinion on it naming May and four times it was not published - fifth time I wrote it with 'she' and it was published - talking about democracy???? 

Update 30 Dec., 2017 -- It seems to have started already on Twitter

Has she gone totally power-mad?

The Internet is a world-wide-web where everybody can write whatever they chose. It is the only place where you can still write the truth and therefore a lot had been relieved.

Naturally this does not suit May and her Tories.

I have noticed, in the last few weeks, that some Retweets were blocked and so were some reply with the excuse of “Internal server error”. It looks like the Twitter is already controlled and it would not be a surprise if Cameron and Murdoch are working behind the scene.

Since Cameron gagged the press; BBC and the big national newspapers report very little of real interest. They never mentioned Jeremy Corbyn won the International Peace Price. It is that bad. You get full pages of what May had to say even if it is a bunch of lies or some of her MPs.

That is not democracy which seems to vanish fast!!!!

It is more than high time that Labour comes into power. The restrictions on freedom is moving into a dictatorship.

At the same time the Tory Government is adding constantly cuts onto the worst class of people. At the moment, UK had the highest deficit of £1,8trl National Debt; highest number of homelessness; highest number of foodbank users; 120,000 people died from Welfare cuts over the last few years since 2010; 40,000 people died of hyperthermia in the last winter and May cuts Winter Warming payments now; highest number of people sleeping rough in the streets all in one of the sixth richest country in the world.

That is the record so far but May introduced in April 2017 £12bn Welfare cuts which are coming into effect now and the Universal Credit just before Christmas where people do not receive money for five weeks. What does she think people live on?
The famous-infamous Bullingdon Club
where they 'Elite' sons mashed up
everything when it suit them and 
daddy paid for it. Some  then run 
the country. That's the sort of people
we have in the highest job. 

The Cambridge and Oxford ‘Elite’ which are in power coming from very wealthy families. They have no idea what everyday live looks like. They just make decisions which are beneficial for themselves. In tax haves are tens of trillions stashed away which could benefit the country and people. The country is in the highest debts for 67 years plus people dying from starvation and hyperthermia. What kind of policy and situation is that?

Now, May wants to control the Internet to close the last channel of true reports down. She is, most probably, backed by Murdoch.

Therefore, they should never be in power and truth be told the elections have a lot of unanswered questions which they trying to cover up!!!!!

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