Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Update: 18 Sept., 2017 - We were asking this question since 2012 and still asking it now. However, Tories ignore questions which do not suit them and just ploughing regardless what damage it does to the people. As a matter of fact it has gone worse under new PM May to the such an extent that people die of starvation or commit suicide, even that won't change their policies. 

UPDATED: 7  January, 2015 --  Why is the cash-strapped taxpayers still having to pay for Cameron's and Osborne's campaign for the General Election???????? They added already another £500billion debts to the UK while they filling their pockets. It shows their thick nerve and audacity they have all along.  Is it not illegal as well?????

UPDATE:  28 April 2014 --  The luxurious dinner party at 10 Downing Street are only held with invited guests. To belong to this circle cost you yearly £50,000.  It was revealed that one of the last dinner parties raise £41million for the Conservative Party. 

The Conservative party is getting rich while they pointing their finger at ordinary people and demand austerity.
It appears now that the reduction of the 50p top rate tax was all well prepared even before the Budget was announced. Is that what austerity is all about?

Evidence was discovered that the moment the reduction was announced wealthy backers, nobody but David Cameron’s friends, gave the Tory party £150,000. Apparently both of them demanded lower tax rates. All it is for the ordinary people to say: “Well done Mr Cameron and just look after your own.” 

The Electoral Commission regulating party finance has revealed that Sir Anthony Bamford‘s company JCB Research gave £70,000 on March 21. Michael Spencer who runs IPGI gave £81,000 the day after. Sir Anthony and Mr Spencer requested several times for a reduction of the top tax rate. Well they certainly been grateful to Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne.

Mr Henry Angest gave £12,500 through his company Flowidea. He was even more punctual than his two friends. He sends his donation two weeks before the Budget was announced. How on earth did he know? There must have been a big crystal ball round.

It is also reported that the Tories received altogether £560,000 during the first three months at the beginning of the year. The donors were all guest at No 10 Downing Street or Chequers, the Premier Minister’s official country estate.

Peter Cruddas was the biggest donor with £200,000 but he then boasting that he can arrange direct contacts to the Premier Minister for wealthy donors who then could “fed in” their views. When the scandal broke he was forced to resign but only because of  public pressure.

All this give us only a climbs what really goes on and of how politics are decided and made.  If that is the idea of David Cameron’s 'big society' we can do without it. It looks like it is going back to Victorian times where men, women and children had to work under the most appalling conditions and were looked upon as garbage. It won’t take much longer under the constant cuts and cuts and cuts.

Remember the hypocritical behaviour when David Cameron was cycling around but as soon as he was elected he and his friends have shown their real faces.

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