Thursday, 24 May 2012


Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, made an incredible point in his speech at a London conference on social mobility.

How can an educated man stand there and quote that systematic snobbery prevents a classless society. From a start a classless society is not possible it is an ideal dream. 

Mr Clegg said: “Our society is still too closed, too static. A society that will say where you are born and who were born to, matters for the rest of your life.

Now comes the best bit. “This is a legacy we cannot afford. Morally, economically, socially, what your justification, the price is too high to pay.”

How can a man stand there and say words like this. The government, since they are in power, done nothing else but to widen the gap. Mr Clegg is the son of a banker and went to the best school his family and Britain could provide.  His family had all the right contacts which gave him a number of top positions, including a place in the European Commission.

Ever since the Conservative Party were elected with a just enough to get through Mr Clegg was part of forming the Coalition Policies. He certainly was an active part of abolishing Education Maintenance Allowance with the result that bright children from working classes could not continue their education.

Again, how can Mr Clegg stand there and give a speech about social mobility?  Anybody would realize there is no way of giving a speech like that with a background and continued life of luxury at the same time knowing very well that he is part of stopping Education Maintenance Allowance, Child care, Child Allowance Tax, increasing VAT to 20 per cent, petrol prices rose sharply and still rising and so on. Never stopped millions and billions of bonuses to already top earners plus agreeing to the Budget decreasing 50p to 45p for top earners with the promise of further reduction to 40p. This would increase the top earners income even more.  

It is unbelievable Mr Clegg preaching about a classless mobility with his record and the whole Conservatives..

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