Friday, 25 May 2012


The statistic revealed that 625 local Council jobs get cut every day. The statistic might be slightly wrong but not to that extent. This is an incredible amount of job losses which are mostly women. It was also revealed the women out of work are the highest at the moment for 25 years.

Care Centres, libraries, Sure Start children centres, career centres for the young are closing down rapidly.
Even at their own Tories controlled councils there had been cuts and closures done never seen before.
Also these cuts might look good on paper but in reality 625 job losses a day and with no further jobs available they have to be supported by benefit. Being paid by benefit does not produce anything. Therefore, to put it plainly it is money thrown out of the window.

Of all these moves is there an idea for top firms take over all these services which would get as much profit out of it and they proved with all these other privatisation of services. At the same time while they fill their pockets the service is getting rotten. Surely that is so obvious that these top organisations are only in for it to get as money out of it.

Well, the Prime Minister had a good message when people voted overwhelmingly for Labour. However, the Conservatives and David Cameron don’t seem to accept the message and flatly refuse to change their politics.

Even the IMF was warning the UK to change and stop that austerity because it is only for ordinary people while the top never got rich in such a short time. The result also showed that the UK economy is going down.

The result of the government’s austerity is staring them in their faces. They had a double-dip in the last six months while Europe is showing a slow but definite recovery.

In the first few months when the Coalition came into power in 2010 Mr Osborne stated that unemployment is fallen and the economy rising and Britain is coming out of the recession. Although Mr Osborne was preening himself with it but whether he likes it or not it was the result of Mr Browne’s policy and the Labour party’s budget.  It was the result of handling that credit crunch perfectly well.  

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