Monday, 21 May 2012


IN MAY 2012 and it has not improved

Forgive me for saying so but is there any sense to David Cameron’s politic?

He breaks protocol in backing Mr Sarkozy’s election campaign and ignores Mr. Hollande when he visited London before his election.  When he met the new President of France at the G8 meeting he had a private meeting with him but, of course, with Mr Hollande’s refusing austerity it did not go well. Mr Hollande’s comment was afterwards “we agreed to disagree.”

Then he tells Mrs Merkel to back-up Greece with Germany’s ‘wealth’. First of all Germany’s ‘wealth’ had gone with Euro which David Cameron should be aware off. Secondly, Germany had a 0.5 per cent in the last quarter improvement. However, by now the people of Germany are just as fed-up like in Britain always paying out to other countries while austerity has been applied to them. These countries were standing on their own feet before so why are they constantly bankrupt now?  It is every year they asking for bail-out. Do wake up Leaders.

David Cameron’s famous austerity is only for the ordinary people. His cutting 16,000 police officers with two major celebrations coming up.  He cuts the Army, Navy and RAF drastically. At the moment he is planning to send troops to Syria to stop the bloodshed.  He also told the G8 leaders to increase the pressure and send more troops to increase the 300 troops already there. Do we see an escalation into a war again? Why again?

Now let’s go over to the Ministry of Defence. All this time we were told that they inherited about £38billion of debt from incapable Labour. Last week it was revealed that Defence Secretary Philip Hammond ‘found’ £12billion unspent cash. Is it a small mind that can’t work out when there is a £38billion deficit and then all of sudden £12billion emerged not being spent? Surely it doesn’t add up and £12billion can’t be that small that it vanished between the sheets of accountancy. At the same Mr Hammond insists that the redundancies will still go ahead.  All at the same time when Mr Cameron plans to get the troops ready to go to Syria.

Last week was a further £30billions swiped off the pension’s funds and plunged into a £93billion deficit.  The pension fund should not have put onto the stock exchange. Everybody knows how fickle the stock exchange is, especially at the moment, and furthermore it was the people’s money. The previous Conservative government had no right to do so. If they left it where it was before the pension fund would still be there plus accumulated interests.  That is the reason for running out of pensions and not because there are more people retired or they live longer.

Do we have to have another Einstein to solve all these riddles and confusion?


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