Friday, 18 May 2012


Since every country has its own fair share of criminals it doesn’t want foreign criminals as well. So why is a country like Britain not allowed to deport them?

According to the statistics around 4,000 foreigners who committed crimes in this country can’t be deported. This high number not only is a danger to the country in committing crimes again but also very costly because they mostly live on benefit including their families.

Further information was revealed that about 1,500 foreigners are imprisoned every month. This again puts a strain on the prison service as well as cost on benefit. Out of the 1,500 only 375 are deported when they finished their sentences. It is also reported that one criminal escaped nine times and cost and effort were spent to catch him again.

Everybody, including MPs, wants a foreign criminal deported the moment the sentence is served. As a matter of fact it would even safe a lot of time and money to deport the person the moment he/she is convicted of a crime. The moment the person commits a crime all the appeals and privileges should be taken away. That person does not acknowledge or appreciate the better life style in this country. Why should a person have to right to appeal against deportation? The abused the law in this country. They know fully well that they are in a foreign country and therefore should abide by the law.

The worst interfering body is the Human Rights Court. Yet, France and Italy are deporting them and defying the decision of HRC why doesn’t Britain? When they defy the decision they have to pay a few hundred pounds which would justify it by saving benefits.

The government is forever calling for austerity but they will not safe money where it should be saved.

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