Friday, 18 May 2012


The enquiry extended now into serious criminal accusations.  Rebekah Brooks and her husband are now charge with perverting the cause of justice which is a very serious charge.  They pass it off as an “expensive sideshow”.  Furthermore were her ex PA Cheryl Carter, 48, head of security Mark Hanna, 49, chauffeur Paul Edwards, 47, and security consultant Daryl Jorsling, 39 also accused.

The accusation is that seven boxes of papers were removed from the News International archive including computers and electronic equipment.  They were further accused of hiding papers.  Mrs Brooks was charged with three counts of conspiracy at the Lewisham police station in South East London.

Alison Levit QC, principal legal adviser to the Director of Prosecution, said: “All matters relate to the ongoing police investigation into allegations of phone hacking and corruption of public officials in relation to the News of the World and the Sun newspaper.”

She also revealed that there is sufficient evidence for a conviction.

Mrs Brooks hit back by stating she always respected the criminal justice system.  She questioned it now and wonders whether the decision was made on a proper impartial assessment of the evidence.

These charges are the first being made by the Metropolitan Police.  So far there were 50 arrests since January 2011.  It was not revealed whether all 50 were charged.

The six accused will stand at Westminster magistrates’ court on June 13.

Further arrests were made.  A Customs worker, 50, and a woman, 43, were arrested at 6 am at their North West London home. The police accusation was corrupt payments to public officials.

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