Wednesday, 16 May 2012


These plans have been for a long time on the table of the Coalition and it is a disgrace to apply austerity on Disability Benefits.

If anybody deserves financial help are the disabled people. These cuts are not small and they would amount to about £80 to £120 per week. It is the last resort any government could do to save money on the worst off people
The Work and Pension Secretary Ian Duncan Smith plans to cut the disability allowance for 500,000 people. This includes also soldiers who fought hard in wars which were illegal and gave their limbs for the country.  This is really the lowest of the government action. They really crossed the line of respectability.

They always shout about austerity yet there is money of £40billion freely given to IMF.  £2.6billion given to a private rail company to stop them going bankrupt. Why would they? The shareholders and top management receive big dividends, salaries and bonuses instead of re-investing. Top earners were given a tax reduction from 50 per cent to 45 per cent and promised further reduction to 40 per cent in the next budget.

Yet, the worst off people like being disabled and pensioners are being treated at their worst.  These people in the present government haven’t got a clue what hardship and reckon with every penny means because they are all multi-millionaires. They are so remote from reality you’d think they live on another planet.

Even after the coalition's great loss of council seats in the last local election they still don’t see it or don’t want to. From a start austerity and improving the economy is impossible. Surely they must know this. They all went to the best of the country schools like Eton, Harrow, Oxford and Cambridge. Don’t they teach them anything there? Their actions certainly don’t show it.

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