Sunday, 13 May 2012


UPDATE:  1 March 2014 -- It was revealed that six letters where David Cameron promised vital changes and the promises were never held; were taken off the Internet.  They can only be found in the British Library.  One -  was about data transparency; second - protection of the NHS ; third -  regarding Maternity service; fourth - avoid to be a Surveillance state; fifth - Bill of rights; six -- promise justice and not accepting Human Rights Law. 
All the rest of David Cameron's promises it is doubtful any of them were kept.

In February 2010 David Cameron pledged: “Lobbying is the next big scandal to happen. It’s an issue that crosses party lines and tainted our politics far too long. We believe in competition, not cronyism. So we must be the party that sorts this out”.

Fine words but with hind sights the party did not sort it out on the contrary there are too many scandals in the two years the Conservatives and Lib-Dem are in power.

Not only did they not sort it out but tarnished their reputation even more. There was Conservative Treasury Peter Cruddas selling for donation access to the Prime Minister. The access surely wasn’t just to find out how the weather was. 

At Public Affairs Bell Pottinger films were made where bosses promised to be able to contact the Premier Minister and his team who would then bring favours about for their clients. Now this again bosses wouldn't have promised if they weren't sure of a contact. Their clients are big business people to whom a promise is not made that lightly.

The former Defence Secretary Liam Fox had to resign because he had a secret adviser Adam Werritty with defence contacts. At first Mr Cameron done everything to stand by Liam Fox in order to avoid his resignation but at the end under public pressure he had to let Liam Fox go. The moment Liam Fox left his post you never heard anything more about him and especially Adam Werritty.

Then there was the case of Mr Coulson who was a Chief Executive at the News of the World and had to resign over the phone-hacking scandal. No sooner did he leave his post he was employed as – you never guess – Communication Secretary at 10 Downing Street. Talking about putting the cat amongst the pigeon. This is an incredible judgement by the Prime Minister David Cameron. Now the man was in a top job where all the secret documents and communication were going through. When all this  emerged Mr Coulson had to resign again  only under public pressure.

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