Wednesday, 6 June 2012


UPDATED:  20 June 2014 -  it would be interesting to find out how many jobless people did get a job after they volunteered during the Olympics?

Dozens of people were willing and volunteered as unpaid stewards for the river pageant on Sunday. They were hoping this would lead up to a paid job at the Olympics.

Their coaches came arriving two hours earlier than expected. It was a dreadful weather on Sunday. Cold, windy and raining. The volunteers had no other choice but to bed down under the bridges.

The ex-Deputy PM Lord Prescott pointed out that the treatment of the volunteers is “totally unacceptable” He stated further:”I am deeply concerned that a private security firm is not only providing policing on the cheap but show duty and care to its staff.” He demanded further, from Home Secretary Theresa May to find out if it broke security industry rules.

One steward said:”It was cold and wet and we were told to get our heads down.”
This is an absolute disgrace.

The security firm Close Protection UK admitted to the blunder and apologised to them forced to wait. They, however, had the nerve to state: “We are not in the business of exploiting anyone.”

Now how about that statement. There will be very few people who buy it.

Lord Prescott won’t it rest at that. He demanded an inquiry. Gail Cartmail, of the union Unite, said: “They were just damped there in London. Taking advantage of people's desperation to find work is despicable. There needs to be an investigation to ensure there is no repeat of this during the Olympics.”

However, Lord Prescott is known to follow things through and this time the Home Secretary Theresa May won’t get off the hook until he has a satisfactorily answer and put it right for the people.

It is a shame that such beautiful river pageant had to be marred by greed again.

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