Sunday, 10 June 2012


This is now the last and lowest trick planned by any government. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and George Osborne plan to stop the free bus pass for Pensioners. Cutting down on the winter heating supplement which helps hard-up pensioners not to freeze to death which was the case before. Not to speak of the already so-called Granny tax which George Osborne introduced in his last Budget.

All this is really disgraceful to go so far and cut the very few little extras pensioners have.

From a start, if he stops the free bus pass does he not realize that all there will be pensioners not using the transport. Therefore he will not have any extra money or not that much because a pensioner cannot pay £2.20 one way fare and with coming back it will be £4.40. This is if you can go straight. If you have to change buses it will cost your twice as much. Now no pensioner can afford that and they only end up sitting at home. The other point is that these free bus passes are only used during the day when busses are practically empty.

Now the next point of cutting down or completely stopping is the winter fuel supplement. This will increase the risk of old people dying of cold and it was the reason for introducing the winter fuel supplement. Of course, our glorious top three they will not know what hardship is. All their life they lived off the fat of the land.

Let me point out something to these great 'gentlemen' who make one mess after another. Today’s generation of pensioners have fought for this country and endured great hardship because of the rationing. They should be getting all the comfort in their old ages because if they don’t deserve who will? They should be treated with the greatest respect because if they didn’t do what they done for Britain these three great 'gentlemen' wouldn’t be where they are. So how dare they treat pensioners like that? Knowing very well that they can't fight back with strikes and therefore have to take what is handed out to them.

At one stage not so long ago it was mentioned to tax bonuses which those fat cats undeservedly get. The suggestion didn’t last five minute and it was wiped off their plan. If they had gone through with there would have received some real billions of money. However, it would have cut their friends even so they wouldn’t even miss it. So why not go back to this point Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Mr Osborne. No, instead Mr Osborne even reduced the level of taxes to top earners. It was reduced from 50p, which Mr Brown introduced, to 45p and Mr Osborne made straightaway a promise to reduce it to 40p.




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