Tuesday, 3 July 2012


UPDATE: 10 May, 2015 --  Well, with his smears and lies about Labour they lost the election. His beloved Tories won with a small majority. Rupert Murdoch only backs money bags, where there is some gain, never mind who he stumps on which in this case are the most vulnerable like the poor, terminal ill, mentally ill and pensioners. Well done. Yet, his mother was right the opposite. She worked endlessly for charities in Australia.

UPDATED:  6 May, 2015 -- Now Rupert Murdoch is back in England and wheeling and dealing again. At the moment he is throwing his power about and supporting the Conservatives which is no recommendation to the voters at all, remembering his condemnation and ridiculing the county and its people. There was also nothing heard about the investigation in the USA. Most probably it also came to nothing.

Right from the beginning Mr Murdoch was very close to Margaret Thatcher. Through her he gained a lot of business and power. He bought The Sun newspaper and The News of the World. For years he was in and out of Britain and surely not for to say hello and have a nice day.

When the phone hacking scandal broke lose at first he and his son James plus editors and directors denied it all. Eventually evidences mounted up so much that they had to admit it. The worst incident was when they phone hacked during the investigation of the missing teenager Milli. She was found later murdered.  This really put the public’s back up and rocked the boat.

At the height of the scandal the editor Rebekah Brooks eventually resigned after a struggle to hold onto power. The sad thing was that the 163 year old newspaper The News of the World was ruined by Mr Murdoch and his friends and was closed down. Now after all the damage he had done he spoke about his contempt of the English and England

If he really was so disgusted about the Britain why did he cling on to make the deal to invest into the BSkyB. He wanted it first and then trying to save the deal it was switched over to his son James. However, the public was in uproar after all his wheeling and dealing he was rejected by the board.

Mr Murdoch soon vanished to the USA to keep out of the limelight and let his ex-staff carry the burden. However, he is also under investigation in the USA. Therefore, it looks like he is trying to slip into the good books of the American people to save his News Corporation Empire by pointing the finger at the English public and blames them for the great damage he done to the press including newspapers. 

He stated further on Fox News that he would not make a new £8billlion bit for the BSkyB.  It is incredible that such a top tycoon would utter such a remark. Of course, he would not put another bit in because he lost in the first place because of his tarnished reputation. So why is he trying to show his great power?

As an aftermath of his remark of despising the English there was an avalanche on twitter asking the public not to buy The Sun newspaper. Will it be now the next victim of the great power of Rupert Murdoch? He should look at his dealings and the damage he had caused in this country.

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