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HILLSBOROUGH DISASTER -- Update 26 April, 2016

UPDATE: 26 Aril, 2016
BBC just announced that the jury decided the match commander Ch Supt David Duckerfield's actions amounted to "gross negligence" due to a breach of his duty of care to fans.

Police errors also added to dangerous situation at the FA Cup semi-final.

The behaviour of the fans did not contribute to the dangerous unfolding at the turnstiles.

At long last justice is done 

15 April, 2016
Yesterday Liverpool beaten Borussia Dortmund in a very dramatic game with 4-3. It started with two goals by Dortmund and Liverpool fought its ways back and gone through to the semi-and final.

The Jury of the longest inquest into the Hillsborough disaster went out on 6 April, 2016 to find a verdict.

Today will be a memorial service at Liverpool's Club for the 96 people lost their lives. At 15.06 the exact time when the Semi-Final was stopped will be a two minutes silence and then the Cathedral will ring out the bells 96 times.

This service was held every year since 1989 but it was now decided it will be the last one since the finish of the inquest starting in 2014 will put a final verdict on the tragedy. But they will never be forgotten.

UPDATED:  17 June,2015  --
A father describes. today, at the inquest, how he tried to rescue his two daughters then he had to make the hard breaking decision whom to be with in their dying moment. It must have haunt him all these years and the governments tried to cover-up; not admitted they refused to open the gates. Even after it resulted into 96 fans' death they called them hooligans and drunkard. It was nothing but lies and smear to cover to cover it up.

UPDATED:  4 August, 2014 -- The current inquest revealed that camera operator Trevor Bichard included in his log the possible "lifesaving" police request to shut the gates to the Lepping Lane terrace at Hillsborough before the disaster. This fact was previously wiped out.  Mr Bichard at first lost his log but found it later. In spite of it he still kept it from the Lord Taylor's statement.

Barristers representing the families of the 96 victims accused Mr Bichard that he lied under orders. He denied the accusation.

The inquest continues and when we receive any new news we will bring it.

UPDATE: 3 April 2014 ---  After all these years the families of the victims managed to break through and got 22 people with allegedly criminal activities.  It took the families 25 years to achieve this.  What must they have gone through; after they lost their love ones and have to bear the grief. 

ON THE 12 April 2014 Liverpool will hold a special seven minutes silence to commemorate the 96 people who had lost their lives in such a tragic and unnecessary way.  It is still unbelievable. 

UPDATE:  23 September 2013 -- New evidence emerged that documents were falsified and statement were forged the most unfortunate announcement was made that Hillsborough fund is running out of donations. This will hamper or even stop the search for the truth and get the police officers into court for alleged cover-up. Of course, they acted under order of the government Margaret Thatcher. May she not rest in peace for what she done to this country and the British people.

UPDATE 9 September, 2012 -- On Wednesday the Government will release the papers kept secret about the disaster. Hopefully it will give the full truth families of the victims are so anguishes waiting for. In the meantime, it revealed, that ambulances were looked out by police which is a very grave and wrong action taken. It was also hoped and demanded that the Prime Minister David Cameron will apologise to the families. It is believed that many of the 96 victims could have been save if given straight away medical treatment. This fact must be terrible to live knowing their son or daughter died due to negligence.

Why is the Hillsborough disaster still a secret? What had the government to hide? At that time it was the Conservative Party led by Margaret Thatcher. However, alternative governments did not disclose the truth either.

We hear so much about democracy not existing in other countries and the West, including the USA, trying to introduce it by backing the ‘freedom fighters’ or ‘rebels’ yet does it exists here? We do have more freedom than some dictatorships but democracy seems sometimes not fully applied.

There are so many incidences where disaster or death struck but the facts were never really fully given. For instance the death of Princess Diana and Dodi in the ‘accident’ in Paris. There are too many unanswered questions to accept it was only an accident.

Another one was Dr Kelly a weapon expert. He died supposedly having cut his own wrist but experts stated that there was too little blood on the ground for him to die of.  This happen at the time of the build-up to a war in Iraq instigated by George Bush and Tony Blaire was roped in. Bush and Blair sworn that Saddam Hussein had weapon of mass destruction. Yet none of them were ever found. Bush and Blair ever stated that they were wrong and apologised. Too many people died and still dying by car bombs.  The West created yet more hatred towards them.

Then there were a number of men working for the MI6 and died under unusual circumstances. Mostly exclaimed with there were women  clothes found in their places in other words they were perverts. The last one was found in a travelling bag, zipped-up and cleverly put into the bath tub. He was very discomposed and fluid was prevented going through the floor with that action. Even expert tried many time to double up and get into the travel bag but couldn’t. Yet, all these death are swept under the floor, hopefully to be forgotten. Yet the families deserve a full explanation.

In 1989 there was an FA foot match in Sheffield. Fire broke out under the stands. In those days there were high metal fences around the pitches because of football hooliganism and pitch invasion. Apparently the gates were also looked and with panic 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives. Up till now the families were not told the full facts of this terrible incident.  The families had to organise a group ‘Justice for the 96 Hillsborough’ to put on pressure. After all these years of battle and heartbreak they were promised to disclose the papers first to the families and then to the public. It supposed happen on 12 September.  Why not there and then? Are they first going through and accumulate which paper to disclose? It looks like that. What have they got to hide?  Even if they done wrong they should have the courage to stand up and disclose it.


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