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UK PM CONTEMPT FOR TAX HAVENS - Updated 3 April,2017

Update 3 April, 2017 New PM May also made great announcements that she will retrieve Taxes from Tax Havens. So far it is estimated it had risen to approx. £90trillion during the last 16 years of Tory's rules. Evidence for another lie.

UPDATE: 26 February, 2015 - Now we can look back and see how much the courageous Prime Minister David Cameron and his crew retrieved. Have a guess.  Tax havens deposits have increased from £20trillion to £39trillion.  He has worked hard to retrieve money? It should have been easy because all Tax haven are British Isles.

UPDATE:  11 December 2013 - Already, announcements were made in the press that the government was not able to retrieve as much as they thought of the money put away in tax haven. The answer to this is that they most properly be all friends of the Conservative Party. Mr Cameron should not have shouted about it but first retrieved taxes and then shout about it. Furthermore his own father-in-law Viscount Astor has an account in Holland.  Mr Cameron could start there and being family would be easier to persuade Viscount Astor to return the unpaid taxes. How dare you laugh? What Cameron will not achieved this? You will be surprised.

You could laugh if it were not so despicable. Mr Cameron criticised several singers and entertainers for moving their money to tax havens. What about the BBC which advises its high earning celebrities to move their money into tax haven

Altogether there were about 1000 people whose earnings added up to £480,000 and it was moved to tax havens which is totally wrong and everyone would agree on that point. One of them is Gary Barlow who has received an OBE but the main point here is that Mr Barlow was a celebrity backer in the 2010 election. Aha, I hear you say another one of Mr Cameron’s wrongly chosen friends. 

Furthermore, Mr Cameron and his ministers emphasized several times during their election campaign that they cracked down on Tax avoidance.

Being confronted with these points at the Mexican summit Mr Cameron replied: “I have had time to read the Jimmy Carr scheme and it looks like straight forward tax avoidance.

“There is nothing wrong with people planning their tax affairs to invest in pension. But some of these schemes are quite frankly morally wrong.” According to his words of nothing being wrong with putting their money into pension at a tax haven such as Jersey would not; it follows on of ordinary people also be entitled to do the same. The taxes would accumulate at quite a rate and they receive a really good pension.

Mr Cameron also told the ITV News: “It is not fair for hard working people who pay their taxes to see these sorts of scams.” A very good answer but why were not these tax havens closed a long time ago. He does speak about his friends who are all top earners and big donors to the Conservative Party. It has been an open secret for a long time that most of the top earners move their money into tax heavens.  Was that the reason why Mr Cameron and his ministers did not follow through their pledge to stop it?

A very fine example and close to Mr Cameron was his own father. Apparently he used offshore investments and made a family fortune, officially £10million. He set up funds in tax havens such as Panama City and Geneva and according to rumours he spoke often about it that they remain outside the tax jurisdiction of the UK.  It is perfectly legal since the Great Margaret Thatcher done another awful thing to Britain and scrapped capital control in 1979. Ian Cameron, father of David Cameron, took advantage that any sum can be taken out of the country without being taxed.

There you are now with so many points contradicting Mr Cameron brave words and his pledge to close the tax havens. Surely he is aware that if he would do it there would be no donations or very little to the Conservative Party and the end of his reign would be near. So why promise?

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