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UPDATE: 26 February, 2015 -- What kind of politic is that? The Government is spending over £30million  on adverts to recruit soldiers, RAF and Navy personnel. These recruits need training which cost additional money while the previously sacked army were fully trained.  This is sheer loony. The axed personnel are most probably still on benefit which is another waste of money.

UPDATE: 1 March 2014 -- In spite of all the redundancy the Government is still planning to axe 1,400 soldiers. Adding to the previous redundancies in the last three years it is adding a great number of unemployed people.  People who have been trained just for a particular job and have no other knowledge will find it hard to get a job especially in a situation of 2.5million unemployment. Yet, the Government make us belief in reducing unemployment.

UPDATE:  25 January 2013  ---  A further redundancy in the Armed Forces had been announced. There will be another 5,300 soldiers lose their job. This will bring down the total to 82,000 and is the lowest for 200 years. Where does the government think they find jobs in a high unemployed market? Most of them will end up as unemployed and receiving benefit. Then the government is surprised when the benefit payments double and treble. What kind of policy is this/

This is now the second time and in a very short time where armed forces being axed. This time about 4,000 personnel of soldiers and officers had lost their job. Quite a number were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan which was an illegal war started by Mr Bush and involved Mr Blair. It all cost too many lives and didn’t bring peace.

This time it is the RAF and Navy which are mostly losing their men. On the list are six RAF air vice-marshals and 30 group captains.

Overall the RAF are earmarked for 115 squadron leaders

The NAVY will not fare any better with being on the list for five commodore and 15 captains and all together 30,000 Royal Naval personnel.

It was also announced the 500 private and 400 Ghurkhas will receive their redundancy notice. It will especially hit hard the Ghurkhas who fought so willingly and known as the best force in the British Army. They are not allowed to receive British Citizenship and therefore most probably no financial benefits.  This is a disgrace if ever there was one.

In stage three it is the Army which will lose about 20,000 soldiers right across.
There are several points to said about this irresponsibility

The first point which comes to mind is that there is always money available to bail-out countries as well as foreign aids which do nothing but go into the pocket of the various governments.

The second point is the impact of human and military of these job losses. Again most of them fall on social benefit which costs money and does not produce anything.

The third point is that it will reduce Britain to a very low military power. Especially at a moment when there is still Afghanistan fighting going on. The Falklands in danger of being claimed by Argentine, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria are an increasing threat to peace, trade and economy. Hard negotiation over all these dangerous developments will not work if these countries are aware the military force is not there.

The argument by the Coalition that part-time reserve would fill the gap if it comes to the worst is nothing but ludicrous.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman pointed out that the multi-billion deficit has to be reduced.  The plan is to reduce the Army by 82,000 by 2020, Navy and RAF by 5,000

Many of the overworked British Armed Forces applied for redundancy. Their fear of a future in an Armed Force having to work twice is hard of which they are already pushed to total exhaustion being under-staffed already.

On an overall view of the not very clever politics of the present government there are 15,000 policemen lost their job at a time of a crime wave never seen before.

The Olympics is coming up very shortly and the government counter argument to this was that the army would be deployed. On 12 June 2012 -- 4,000 Army personnel and 30,000 Royal Navy personnel lost their job. The Army is still fully deployed in Afghanistan and can’t put down their arms to go back to secure the Olympics safety.

Well let’s hope they know what they doing in practice and not just with statistics and on paper.

The last point is to make that the Ministry of Defence “found” £12billion. What happen to it? This £12billion was sitting there when everything was being paid. Therefore, is the ministry of Defence really in such a high deficit?


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