Sunday, 5 August 2012


It is said they are planning to cut the council tax benefits. This would hit around six million households with low-income. These households either have qualified for no paying or reduced paying council tax.  It will hit the poorest or poor,

The infamous Coalition demanded from the councils to reduce the benefit bills by 10 per cent. This will have to be found either be reducing their service or payouts to poor families.

The chief of the Institute of Fiscal Studies, Paul Johnson, thought it could be done by either taking 10 per cent off the council tax benefit which causes more hardship but it will even cause more problems for families who receive a 100 per cent council tax benefit.

Labour peer Baroness Hollis called it completely unfair.

The Tory MP Bob Neil on the other hand thought it would give the councils a chance to get people back to work.

Which planet does Mr Neil live on?  Apparently he has no idea what it means to live on a low income and therefore shouldn’t put out remarks like that. Furthermore, has he ever look out of his Parliamentary window and noticed there are no jobs available. There is unemployment of 2.5million and they are not all scam and skivers as those sitting in the fat think. The people they are withdrawing any benefits from in order to so-called “get them back to work” is another smokescreen to cut. There has been cases in the paper and quite a number of it where people with all sorts of qualifications and experiences have written and tenth or hundreds of applications to avail.


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