Friday, 3 August 2012


Whatever next? You asked yourself when you read about ludicrous scheme like that. It is not the provision of these kind DVDs to be given to prisoners who committed crimes but it is also taxpayers’ money wasted on criminals who don't deserve it and also shouldn’t be encouraged to watch violent DVDs like that.  

These criminals are most properly there for violence, rape and murder and yet the prison has a 550 DVDs showing extreme violence, graphic rape, The Silence of the Lambs and The Bank Job.

Wherever is the sense of the government to allow it? These criminals are supposed to be punished to improve their behaviour and rehabilitate.  Rehabilitation is the hardest thing to do in the best of time.  Surely with having access to such filth won’t do it.

The Justice secretary Ken Clarke is cutting back on prison and closing already one prison which is wrong. Over the last few years there was always an outcry that the poor prisoners are all ill treated because they are overcrowded in prison and new prison should be build. Mr Clarke all of sudden finds a prison empty. This is not a miracle it is letting the criminals run wild on the streets. Oh sure he and his family and friends are safe in their mansions. It is the ordinary people who get attack, especially old people who deserve all the respect after what they been through for this country.

A further controversy was revealed that Con-Air showing inmate escaping in hijacked planes.

Ken Clarke should cut back on these sorts of ‘services’ which would surely amount to quite a few hundred of thousands of pounds or maybe even more. Ken Clarke should cut all these luxuries and he will be surprised how low the cost of running a prison comes to. Never mind about their Human Rights other countries don't listen to it. The criminals forsaken their Human Rights when they committed the crimes.

This is only one prison at Monmouth, South Wales where this scandal was revealed and the prison service put out a remark which is so unbelievable that a person can make such a statement. They stated that inmates some of them serving life terms are only allowed DVDs with good behaviour.

Gosh it sounds like a joke out of the TV series “Porridge” where ‘Stanley Fletcher’ was dodging all the time to gain something.

Are they just trying to white wash the crazy idea or do they not really see it what being in prison is all about.

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