Thursday, 2 August 2012


At Hospitals with deficit the cleaners were sacked and the nurses were told to clean the wards. According to the information infections start to rise because the nurses can’t all their time cleaning as cleaners would do.

Ministers demand an investigation from Health Secretary Lansley after these revelations at the Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals trust. It is thought that the trust will end the year with a £26million deficit.

Already cleaners work two days less at these three hospitals since the Tories cut public spending. This results into highly skilled nurses having to waste their time cleaning.

Shadow health minister Jamie Reed said: “Over 4,000 nursing posts have been axed since the election and now over-stretched nurses are filling in from a lack of cleaning staff with patient left paying the price.”

The Labour MP demanded an immediate investigation.

The unions requested an urgent meeting with the trust bosses over the scandal.

Janet Davies of the Royal College of Nursing pointed out that nursing staff are already over-stretched and should not been taken away form patient care.

The trust, trying to run the hospitals of Wakefield, Dewsbury and Pontefract, stated that they have not enough funding for cleaning staff.

Former government inspector Brian Duerden found nurses cleaning wards when he came to inspect why the trust had a low infection target.

He said: “Pressure on beds pushes staff to clean quickly and staffs believes bed areas are not cleaned thoroughly. Nurse staffing is already ‘tight’ so taking them away to clean must impact on their time for patient care.”
A trust spokeswoman admitted nurses “assist with bed space cleaning following the discharge of a patient.
“This occurs in the evening in the evening or overnight and is to ensure the trust can admit emergency admissions.”

The Tory-led government look only at their books and not the reality. You only can cut down to a certain level and then you asking and get trouble.

When the Conservatives in power before they too had the idea to cut cleaners. What was the outcome? The hospitals were swamped with MRSA and Superbugs. It took the Labour government a decade to get rid of it or at least down to a very low level.

David Cameron must have got hold of Margaret Thatcher’s handbook “How to run a country down”.
This strategy is not only insulting to the nurses, the cleaners but it is most of all risking people’s live.  As it is half of the patients have to return back to the hospital because they get turned around too quickly. Therefore it doesn’t save any money at all. Now the wards will be infected again, and it goes very quickly, because of the scrooges in clever-clods in the coalition.

How about not sending or only half of the £12billion for Foreign Aid Fund? It would be a boom for NHS.

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