Monday, 6 August 2012


Ever since this Coalition came to power there is nothing but increase of food, VAT, council tax, petrol, gas and electricity bills but they straight away the reduced the minimum wage which companies were delighted to follow, on the basis take or leave it. It is definitely not improving the economy as it shows the third recession this year. What are they trying to head for?

Another dirty trick, the government sits calmly back and let it happen.  Also another typical case of them and us. The high ranking energy civil servants are getting a bonus of £1m.

There was also an increase of their bonuses from £825,648 in 2010 and to £958,783 in 2011.

No matter how the public is complaining including some ministers the government will just not do anything about it. The whole idea of having a government is to control it all this. They have enough departments which supposed to be responsible to stop any overcharges and price rises but none ever do anything effective.

David Cameron made a great issue of a meeting with all the energy suppliers last year to force them to bring the prices down.Not only nothing happened afterwards but as a matter of fact the prices went up.

Now we even find out that the top energy civil servants are getting a bonus. First of all they don’t deserve any bonus because they just doing their job and they receive a salary. Secondly it is again only the top energy civil service, we were advised, and the lower ranking or office workers do not. W H Y?

The country is now in the third term of the recession and the ordinary families are more than struggling, especially with the sky high gas and electricity bills. Furthermore, it was already promised that there will be more rises in energy’s bills. The households have already been hit by an average of £200 increase.

Furthermore, the government is planning to stop the winter fuel supplement for pensioners. A generation who fought like hell for this country to prevent Hitler invading.  They deserve everything now to lead a worry free life in their last few years but what do they get from this Coalition all the benefits taken away.


Furthermore, the government thought of some more cuts but now they call it replacements which they try to hood-wing us hoping the public will not notice it.

The £1.1billion grant scheme will be replaced with a £540million towards cutting bills. They really must be thinking the public is stupid but it only shows their arrogant attitude.  Ministers even had the audacity stating the Energy Company Obligation is more an efficient way to help the poor. Well even the biggest bucket of white paint will not white wash this.

IT  IS  ANOTHER  CUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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