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UPDATED:  14 Sept., 2014 -- It is now called Border Force but nothing has changed in the security of UK's Borders. Apparently 250 jihadi trained IS fighter are already back in the UK. That should never have happened. 250 the MI6 knows about it. How many more they do not know about it? What is Home Secretary Theresa May ever doing? 

At least 250 IS fighter slipped through the net. 500,000 applications of asylum seekers backlogged. 700,000 passports renewals backlogged.

UPDATED:  11 May, 2014 --  What happened to the approx 500,000 application left behind by the Border Agency? It is doubtful that Border Control will deal with it under the Home Secretary Theresa May.  Most probably they will be shredded and 500,000 immigrant are here illegal. Well done Tory Government.

UPDATED: 22 December 2013 -- According to reports a £500million e-system had been installed to check and double check the arrivals at airport, ports and railway stations. It failed miserable and it is assumed that over 70,000 slipped through the net. Border Agency or the new Border Control is no different. It is still a mess. How could anyone put the Border control under the responsibility of Home Office Theresa May who has a history of failures and mess-ups?

UPDATE:  8 August 2013 --- At long last the Border Agency had been closed down and the Border Control is back under the responsibility of the Home Office. However, will the money ever be made known to the public what it cost the taxpayers to cancel the contract with the Border Agency? Will it ever be revealed how much all the golden handshakes costs of these absolutely useless top executives? I doubt it.

This government seems to waste taxpayers’ money all the time and not one word is said to stop it or any action taken. This time it shows up the Border Agency up again. It also proves the point that private agency do not work and cost more money than ever before. The ideas on what Conservatives always are working at are that privatisation is cheaper than civil servants.

As before the UKBA had been in the news several times for incompetent. This time it couldn’t cope with the rush during the Olympics at airports and had to re-hire immigration officers which were fired before due to the government’s plan of cut-back. This cost the taxpayers a £1million.

The UKBA spent this money to bring back 106 staff who had been made redundant just months ago. They paid them £9,000 each for seven weeks work.



An incredible £37.5million was spent on redundancy in the previous year. When the Border Agency and Border Force set up a voluntary redundancy scheme and it cost the taxpayers £60million over two year.  This is not only a waste of money but also not the end of it. These people made redundant will be on social benefit which adds even more. Is the government ever thinking it through what they decide they do? It is all such a mis-management which is incredible.

It had also been revealed that the border security for the Olympics cost the country £6million and therefore it is more than double of the estimated bill of £2.5million. How can they get the figures so wrong? It is clearly another case of incompetence.

Yet, at the bottom of it all the cause of the incompetence came from Home Secretary Theresa May. Surely there is not another person in the country who made so many mistakes and kept her/his job. The National Audit Office contempt her decision to make 1,000 staff more redundant then it was original planned.  This was the reason for re-employ staff that was previously made redundant and added overtime pay.

Surely there was never so much incompetence and waste of taxpayers’ money before not to say that it is at a time of a great economic crisis as well.  The Prime Minister never seems to be perturbed over so many scandals spilling out week by week. He is more concerned with how to convince the voters to elect the Conservative party again and as a majority but the two-and-half years of evidence should speak for itself.

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