Saturday, 22 September 2012


Seeing the report of the court case of Dale Cregan made one release what the world has come to. Obviously the police must have known a lot more to go to that length. However, it is shocking that police has to protect them to such an extent.  It made you release what a dangerous world is out there. Already at airport to see police going up and down with these kind of top weapon is very sad.

Yet, when you look back the build-up began decades ago. The main course was drugs trafficking and nobody stopped at the beginning. Various governments turned a blind eye on it and didn't take the drug dealers out. These top criminals were never really challenged and given a life sentence. These mobsters and their gangs grew quietly and nothing was done. The sentence, if any, they'd got was nothing. They must have laughed and carry on.

Nowadays, it is almost out of control and the even softer sentences makes it more ridiculous. These characters have even gone worse and throwing grenades now. They feel nothing or think nothing of shooting or blowing somebody up. From there where will they go next?

While looking for this picture to copy onto my blog I had an even bigger shock. There were adverts on the same page of selling anything what police wear. How can any of the authorities allow this?  Anyone in uniform people would take them for a policeman because they still trust them.

Is that the world people would want to have and even their children to grow up with? I don’t think so.

David Cameron promised in his election manifest they will tough on crime. What happen? They are worse and handing out the worst prison sentence, if any.  Another broken promise. A judge stated that burglars must be very brave people to have the courage to break into house. Good heavens, are they that remote not to see that criminals couldn’t care less? The criminals seem to get more and more off the hook and just to save money on prison sentences. The government doesn’t think that these criminals live on benefit which they could save when in prison. I hope they do not pay those benefits as well.

In the last two or three years it seems heavy crime is accelerating fast. Drugs are being distributed as if they were aspirins. Surely the police must know who these organised gangs are and should raid those times and again. 

Yet while crimes is rapidly increase David Cameron had the bright idea to sack 16,000 police officers who were already more than overwork to keep the crimes down. Ken Clarke closed a prison and bathed in the glory for saving the country money yet the prisons supposed to be overfilled all these years.

All these horrific crimes should be met with the harshest sentence they can find and life should be life. This would deter some criminals and that would be a saving.

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