Sunday, 23 September 2012

SERCO ADDS FALSE DATA TO NHS -- Updated 20June, 2014

UPDATED:  20 June,2014  ---   It is that sort of companies the Prime Minister signs contracts with and waste time and money? 

Precious money which urgently is needed everywhere. 

Many of the other contractors are not much better.  They deliver shoddy work. ATOS forces terminal ill people back to work or tell them they would be better in three or six months time when not even the medical world finds a cure for the illness. Cutting disability benefits and by now over 1,000 people committed suicide. 

Border Agency ended with over 700,000 backlog of asylum seeker's application. It is now under the Home office again but no improvement. What a mess of a government. What will happen to the backlog? Will it be burned and the applicants just left in the UK? No way the Home Office will be able to cope with it unless they spend some more money and employ an army of extra staff which is unlikely.

The private company, the UK Border Agency, which moved in to take over the service but can’t cope. Hopefully the government will wake up before it is too late and admit it, if necessary to themselves, that it is not working. 

Serco is a private company and took over the GP out-of-hours service. For many months, experts and doctors stated times and again that private companies have not the ability to take over services from the NHS.

Since the determination and arrogance of the government to overrule all these advisers it shows already that it doesn’t work and cost more money than before.

NHS Cornwall probed into the company Serco. Allegation were made that the company is understaffed, in spite of high unemployment, and bosses pushing results to meet the targets.  This resulted into faked call-out response times.

NHS Cornwall admitted that Servo on a whole are safe but they have staffing problems and have added faked data 252 times.

Serco done already its own investigation and checked out 107,000 patient calls, between January and June. Paul Fordan, boss of Servo’s healthcare business apologised and promised to work with PCT which is the Public Accounts Committee.  Its chair woman is Margaret Hodge MP and she admitted that she asked the National Audit Office to investigate.

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