Tuesday, 4 September 2012



UPDATE:  24, February 2015 ---  Cameron demands the Green Party to take part in the TV Election Programme.  It is surprising so shortly after Farage put his foot in with Paris shooting. All this time Cameron would not have even UKIP in the TV Election Discussion. Is it a new move to ensure a win using the Greens as a standby since he knows the UKIP lost too many voters with Farage showing at long last his real face and the voters also cotton on that UKIP was established as a standby? The UKIP poll must have dropped greatly for Cameron wanting the Green Party there. However, the Green Party did not give a good interview. Is that Cameron's aim?

UPDATE:  13 Oct., 2014  ---  What will it be the next time to force a win for the Tories? PM David Cameron already working on a exclusion of Scottish MPs'vote. If he gets this new law through, as promised, by the end of the year, it will keep 40 Labour MPs from Scotland out. It will be a clear winner for the Tories. The danger comes from UKIP. Even the Leader Nigel Farage was a Tory and by now so many Tories MPs have defected that is looks like a twin which will close up again after the next General Election.  Napoleon once said: "Never trust a traitor." There is a lot of truth in it.  It looks like the UKIP pretends to be an alternative but but too many facts speak against it. 

Farage promise a referendum of YES/NO for EU membership because he knows people want it and they demanded for years but he is a MEP and campaigned and won again.  He promised immigration control which is a bit contradicting being of French ancestry and married to a German  wife. He plays the average Joe but was educating in a top Dulwich school costing £17,000 a year and had been a Tory MP for years.  It was amazing the win in Clacton which was a stronghold of the Tories.  Was it a hand-over to blind the public? Would it be surprising? No.  Is the UKIP a pre-arrangement for if the Tories will not get the majority; the UKIP would top it up? 

Looking at the great mismanagement of the Coalition brought back memories of the scandal surrounding the actual Election 2010.

Surely it never happened before in all its history that at 10 pm the Polling Station was closed on queues of 300 to 500 voters still outside on each station.  Over the years at that time any polling station was getting empty in the last half-an-hour. So what happened this time? Was there purposely a delay?

Voters were furious and senior politician demanded an inquiry. However, as the time went there was never another mentioning of an inquiry and if the public was not informed of the result.

A very obvious fact was that most of the polling stations being closed with hundreds of voters still being outside were mostly in the heartland of Labour. It was polling station like Newcastle, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, South Yorkshire, Sutton Coldfield and Leeds. Also in the East End of London and south were there is a strong Labour support.

Before the General Election in 2010 David Cameron and his Tory Party made a contract with the people and promised if they would not keep it the people could kick them out. Well none of it was kept.  Well, what are people waiting for?

Now to analyse it, if we can, is that the Conservative snatched number of seats in the Northern Heartland. Was it due to some organised delay so the queue of the voters would build-up and then waiving the rules and regulation about to be locked out?  It is a very unusual event which never happened before and it  bound to make suspicions grow.

After Margaret Thatcher and friends were in power the country was like dead. No roads were swept, parks not kept and schools and council houses fell into disrepair. The Conservatives managed to bring the country down to 5 million unemployed because Margaret Thatcher destroyed the coal mines, ship building, steel industry and the people had nowhere to go to find work. She won the second and third election on the back of first allowing them to buy their council houses and the second with privatising the rail, electricity and gas and blind folding the people with offering shares in these industries. Soon it started to backfire because with unemployment the people had to sell their homes and lost their deposit and sell back their share with a loss. Nowadays people are suffering with high inflated prices of these industries because the real benefiting shareholders want all the money they can get. Margaret Thatcher only allowed 10 per cent of every privatisation to be sold to the public. Guess where the rest went?

Coming back to the great mess of the last election, it was against the law because every voter over 18 of age has the right to vote. That is democracy and if no inquiry was held which is plausible otherwise the shamble would have come out and the Conservative Party might have to face a different result.

When Labour came into power they took over a country completely on its knees and they brought the country right up to the 21st century. Only one criticism has to be made that Mr Blair listen too much to Mr Bush and got involve into two illegal wars. 


Mr Brown might not have that flair and showmanship like Toni Blair but he was a great financier and had the country up to 1 per cent GDP during a great economic pressure. Within a month or two Cameron had that demolished and now most properly will have a treble dip recession.

Mr Brown in his last budget had a lot of small increases to help various hard-up people and he would have had the country by now well out of it. He also announced an increase to the budget of the NHS, police, military forces and he would have never have cut tens of thousand of people in these jobs.

It was a cautious but good budget why people turned on Labour or were made to, we will never know


  1. And even after all that they only made a half hearted win. The Lib Dems were needed to prop them up. They have scuppered their chance of election success in the future I think

  2. I am sure they thought they up with glory. Gosh I do hope the voters are wiser the next time. Mind you if they move the border which they hope it gives them 20 extra seats but that is against democracy.