Thursday, 11 October 2012


UPDATE 13 OCTOBER 2012  --  Npower will follow suits with 8.8 per cent and now the customers have no choice but pay and pay. This is nothing but racketeering. All big energy suppliers had bit profits last year and therefore there was no need for those massive increase.  Chancellor George Osborne made a big noise and show attacking the energy suppliers but other than that the government does nothing against them.  Also what is Ofgem getting paid for? They never do nothing.

To crown it all it would be no surprise if the government cuts the winter fuel supplements now.


UPDATE 12 OCTOBER 2012 -- I only just stopped writing and there come the news of an increase of six or seven per cent in crease on gas.  Last year only it was increase by 10 per cent despite David Cameron had a meeting with the gas and electricity board promising he would make them hold the price. This government cannot cut wages, benefits and let the gas, electricity, food and petrol prices spiral sky high. How do they think people cope with and where they get the money from to pay for it all?

Next thing we read about the huge profits they made and bonuses they paid to their fat cats. 

British Gas gives staff a £200 perk on their bill. The whole top management has decided to turn down the perk and hope their top rivals will do the same. Although it wont’ be missed with an income of £1.3million a year for the chief executive Mr Sam Laidlow, his finance chief Nick Luff and British Gas managing director Phil Bently, their salaries are unknown but surely not far behind.

They feel like it is not necessary to receive this perk at the time of austerity. Although it is a drop in the ocean for the Centrica’s board but nevertheless a nice gesture. The rest of staff is still receiving their perk. The insiders pointing out it would still give the wrong impression.

Southern Electricity on the other hand will increase their prices from 15 October 2012 by 10 per cent. Furthermore, Ian Marchant refused to give up his staff discount in spite of receiving a salary of £1.2million last year. His bill will be cut by 12 per cent in spite of his huge salary; the customers will have to face another huge electricity price rise.

Mr Marchant commented that he thinks to donate his perk back to the company wouldn’t be very sensible.
Npower gives the staff £100 vouchers but wouldn’t comment whether the board members would take it this year.

E.ON stated that their chief executive Tony Cocker does not take the staff reward.

Scottish Power does not give their staff a discount scheme.

EDF Energy gives their staff £48 off their bills but couldn’t say if their chief executive took it.

Admirable as the refusal of the perks is but it is only a small contribution towards the company. The real impact is the bonuses for the top management and some of the staff which really adds on. Surely with around one million of pound a year salary it would be well paid for their work. There is no need for bonuses on top of it especially at hard times as they are at the moment. David Cameron always preaches austerity but he never whispers to cut the bonuses or stops them because most of them are his friends who donate to the Conservative Part which soon be rivalling with Fort Knox.

This austerity the ordinary people imposed by David Cameron and his Conservative Party is all wrong while the fat cats getting millions of salaries and bonuses. Again he does nothing to stop the increase of electricity. People already had problems to pay the bills and now a increase of 10 per cent will hit them hard and many will not be able to pay it. There is no need to aim for greater profits apart from the bosses get more bonus and the shareholders more dividends. 

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