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UPDATE: 3 October, 2014 -- In spite of it all the previous promises by PM David Cameron about the NHS which is by now half privatised. To emphasized it more the PM David Cameron spoke of his disabled son Ivan who died. Why does he speak about his son Ivan he does not show he means it?  At his speech at the Conservative Conference in Birmingham he promised again to increase the budget of the NHS and will not privatise it. He and his great Chancellor George Osborne also promised further cuts in benefits.  Promises,  promises and nothing but contradictions apart from the promises of cuts.

UPDATE 15 OCTOBER 2012 --  There are at the moment 1,000 disabled people who died because of the Disability Benefits being taken away. Some might not be the cause altogether but it is still too high a number to justify David Cameron's actions.

Well, people know now what to expect even he wrapped it up all in a fine worded speech with all emotional points. Hopefully the public will not be blindfolded either by Boris Johnston given them all a cheerful time, he too has that same believes and outlook as David Cameron.

David Cameron spoke about his son and father, both being disabled.  Yes, it must have been distressing and nobody will deny that but having experienced it so closely why does he cuts cold bloodedly the disabled people's benefit. It does not add up. Especially they have it much harder then David Cameron's father, being a multi-millionaire; they have to battle with the money and every penny counts.

He spoke of the Paralympics how wonderful and inspiring these athletes were but coming from David Cameron it is hypocritical. No doubt the athletes were but how can anyone sit there watching their determination to overcome the disability and cut their Disability Benefits at the same time. He is hitting and hurting the poorest of the poor. Yet again, he emphasised it in his speech that there will be austerity and further cuts have to be made. Therefore, these words about his son and father ring hollow and he never applies austerity and cuts to himself and the rest of them.

He was willing to spend £206million (updated £1billion) on a contract with a French firm ATOS not even an English company to create jobs. To send disabled people back to work. 32 (updated over 1,000) people died because of it and with 3million unemployment where have disabled people got a chance to get employed. 



He spent £330.000 on a contract with a company organising wake-up calls for youngster to get them out of bed and back to work. Again where are the jobs? The majority would not be at home lying in the bed if there were any jobs available. 

He spent hundreds of million of pounds on a management consultancy to sack nurses and doctors at the NHS. Yet, if necessary at all it should have been the directors’ job of the NHS; there again if he spend that money on the NHS there would be no need to sack nurses and doctors.

There is a whole string of mismanagement were all of a sudden the money was there to be spend all the wrong way and that is were austerity should start.

Apparently David Cameron will still carry on with his original plan. The truth is that the ordinary people are already so cut down, there is no money to be cut. Already the food parcels are on a big increase which is a disgrace for a country and its people like Britain. . Unemployment is growing at an alarming rate.  After years in office the country has a 0.4 per cent deficit instead of yet another promise growth of 0.2 per cent but David Cameron talks of healing process. Where does this man gets it from? He still blames the Labour and yet the Gordon Brown handed the country over with a 1 per cent credit which vanished within two months.

He was talking about sink or swim. Well it is the ordinary people who sink and David Cameron and the Conservatives do the swimming. The party faithful gave him a standing ovation because they swim with him. This party keeps splitting the public into two sections and with a great gulf between it. Therefore, his famous phrase ‘we are all in this together’ he would not know what hit him if he had to cope with what he hands out to people.

The promise of a referendum after the next election is nothing but a promise again to catch votes. If he would mean it he would have done it all this time or at least now. He already promised it in the last election manifesto and when it came to it dropped it.

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