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UPDATED: 11 April, 2016  Why all these false promises when
most of the tax havens are British Isles. The biggest of all tax havens is British Virgin Isle and most the Tax Avoiders are Tories' friends and donors. PM May has promised now and it is doubtful she would stop it.

UPDATED:  10 July. 2015  --  Chancellor George Osborne promised, again, to retrieve £7.5billlion from tax avoiders.  This promise is hard to accept after all the other promises resulted into nothing. The very fact that most of the Tax Avoiders are donors to the Tory Party and surely would stop donating plus most of the tax havens are British Isle. The very fact that only four tax officers working 124 cases shows the determination of retrieving the taxes and the last report gave £39trillion in tax haven tells it all..

UPDATE:  18 May, 2015  --  In spite of all the repeats of promises and having not kept them maybe this time, winning again undeservedly in GE, he will crackdown on tax avoiders. It is doubtful because they all his friend and donate to the Tory Party. Well we see.

UPDATE: 5 April, 2015  --  Cameron is amazing in some way because after four years of promising, a number of times, to deal with the tax avoiders, and nothing was done, he still promises it again in his General Election campaign.  It is unbelievable repeating himself about it and not doing a thing about it. 

All his many repeated promises sound hollow after five years in office and not having done them. It is pathetic to let Cameron ran a campaign like that. He has 95 Top Adviser costing the taxpayers £4million a year.  Than they come out with repeated promises after five years in office and not kept one promise from 2010 election.

UPDATE: 2 January 2014 -- A new report revealed that only four tax officers working on 124 cases of tax avoiders. It does not convince the public Mr Cameron being serious about the crack down on tax avoiders.

UPDATE:  13 September 2013  --  Mr Cameron's own father had and his father-in-law has an off-shore account and avoids taxes. He is a very rich man and has a big estate in the Highland of Scotland where the family spent one of their holidays. Mr Cameron could start right on his own front-door-step to crack down on TAX AVOIDERS.  His own wife runs stationary printing company supplying the House of Parliament and this company belongs to a group who has a offshore account in the British Virgin Islands.  Margaret Thatcher demanding a State Funeral and being paid for by taxpayers only declared £5million estate but her £12million mansion is own by a trust in the British Virgin Islands. With all these facts how can Cameron step oit and tell his people that he will crackdown on Tax Avoiders? It is only one per cent from what realy goes on.

Mr Cameron is furious about the big companies’ tax avoiders who shift their profit from one country to another to bring the tax bills down.  It is a disgrace that big companies like Google, Amazons and Starbuck don’t pay the full tax to the UK.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development making a proposal powerful to stop big international corporation to pay the full amount of tax to the UK instead of moving their money around the world to lower the tax bills on profit.


Although Mr Cameron had the full intention to bring these big corporation down to pay their full tax bill and he was beating the drums at meeting with G8 and now at G20 he must face the truth that these international corporations have very powerful tax advisors. If he brings in new legislation and apparently he had great support from other countries their powerful accountancy corporations will find another way to avoid paying the full tax.

David Cameron gave a big speech about his achievements of finding a way to this dilemma.  Already that he had a report from Richard Collier, tax partner at PricewaterCoopers, makes it very doubtful.  PwC is one of the biggest companies of auditors and accountancy on the international market.  Although Mr Collier stated the proposals is the biggest reform of global taxation in a lifetime.  The whole statement and situation is contradicting and controversial.  Mr Collier is working with Mr Cameron and at the same time a tax partner at PwC.

Murray Worthy, tax campaigner at anti poverty charity War on Want, put it into the right content when he said: “This plan is papering over the cracks in a broken system, rooted in an outdated and irrelevant model of corporate taxation.”
Why does Mr Cameron always give big speeches convincing himself but the not the public especially the experts?  Surely he must be aware that in politics his statements are so quickly seen through by experts and even the public.

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