Wednesday, 24 July 2013


David Cameron got himself into hot water (again) when he paid £2.7million to PricewaterhouseCoopers to investigate the high mortality rate in 14 NHS trusts.  The problem is that PwC was also engaged to audit four of those NHS trusts. This is a clear way of “conflict of interest” and it started a great row in the House of Commons.  For their auditor work they were paid thousand of pounds but the full figure was not disclosed.

Furthermore, in the 61-page report the figure of nearly £3million paid was not mentioned.  There was only a sum of £169,000 for travels, £28,000 for filming and £30,000 for legal advice.  This assessment of the Staffordshire hospital scandal and overseen by NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh was requested by Mr Cameron.


Another condemning fact is that the Electoral Commission confirms the PwC has donated non-cash worth £545,000 to the Conservative Party in “staff” and “consultancy services” since Cameron became Tory leader.

In view of all of these facts it makes one wonder does the Prime Minister David Cameron ever think about the consequences of his decisions?  There is definitely more than one conflict of interest and another investigation could be on the table. This Tory Government seemed to create nothing but investigation which most of them is nothing but a storm in teacup and consultancies in both cases is always cost the taxpayers vast amount of money which surely could be avoidable.  Most of those consultancies have commercial links with organisations they are supposed to auditing.

Dr Clive Peedell, co-leader of the National Action party stated that there needs to be another investigation.  With all due respect but it will be yet another investigation which costs again a large sum of money paid by the taxpayers. We, the public, would not like to add up all the cost of investigations, some were more than necessary and overdue but quite a number were either no result which was a waste of money or not necessary in the first place. There again it filled the pockets of people who run the investigation and emptied the pockets of taxpayers which were already empty.

Surely David Cameron could be more responsible if he would not have session about gay marrying or not; the HS2 most luxurious train; the EU’s £3billion rebate yet saving would be more th £19billion membership; waving his stick at the tax avoiders but never gets it resolved' he could get his house in order. It is very hard to see any sense in his actions.


  1. It is sufficient to ask "does the Prime Minister David Cameron ever think?"

  2. I am very sorry, Chris Blackmore, I only discovered your comment now. Please don't think I don't appreciate it but I have not been on that blog ever since. In reply to your comment, I don't think so. The very fact that he has 97 spin doctors which cost the taxpayers £4million a year and look at the results.