Sunday, 31 March 2013


The UK government seem to be over-ambitious to change all the systems. Yet, it never seems to be thought through properly or organised before hand. At the end it cost the taxpayers more money than it should be saving as the government always promised.

In spite of promises that the NHS would be safe in their hands no sooner the Conservatives were elected they started to sack 4,000 nurses and closed A & E departments. By now the Doctors and nurses are under huge pressure and the waiting lists are far too long. Next months NHS will be transferred from the Department of Health to a Trust which smells of privatisation. If it is it will not be for the better.

Last year the government announced to change the welfare into the biggest shake-up for generation. The government's flagship the Universal Credit supposes to bring all the benefits into one payment. So far when the government changed something it was always for the advantage of the government never for the people.

Now it was revealed that the government’s pride and joy the Universal credit is already in crisis. Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne is trying for the MPs to admit that the scheme is in crisis and to try their hardest to sort it out now before millions of family’s tax credits are at risk.

Furthermore, a report revealed Work and Pension s Secretary Ian Duncan Smith had to put back three of four pilot schemes which supposed to have started next month to July. 

As mentioned earlier in this report all this mess is not surprising and the public had it too many times with the coalition meddling and trying to change systems which had been there for decays and worked.  Previously with the Conservative Party only in power Margaret Thatcher turned the whole country up side down with privatisation of gas, electricity, railway, shipbuilding and cling down most of the coal mines. The result was that shareholders (guess who) made a packet and all these industries deliver a poor service to the consumers.  It also resulted to five million unemployed. Since they haven’t learned their lesson PM Cameron plans to privatise the Royal Mail, Fire-brigade and selling he RAF Search and Rescue Service to an American Company.

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