Monday, 29 July 2013


UPDATE: 30 March, 2015 -- G4S is now in another scandal. The plans are to cut Cleaners and ancillary workers at the Lister Hospital, Stevenage, the hourly rate down to £5.98. It would not be friends of the Tories low payment and threatening at the same time to sack 300 worker if they do not accept. They announced that they will hire people on a lower rate.  Ed Miliband's promise to cap the contractors' profit has just come in time or is it because of his announcement did the G4S already lower the payments?  A fine example why private companies should be kicked out and never receive a contract.

UPDATE: 29 April, 2014 --  Can it BE true that David Cameron plans to privatise the police force?  The contract, so it is said, will be given to G4S.  If it becomes reality, after all the scandal G4S had, then David Cameron and his Cabinet insulting once more the people of Britain and just for money. Money in which he and his friends are swimming in anyway but their greed do not seem to have any limit. 

UPDATE;  8 August 2013 -- G4S has stepped back from bidding for another tagging contract. Does it mean they want to stand a chance for the polygraph tests for Probation? Whichever the reason will they improve their service?

Another privatisation, but this time on the quiet, hits the Probation Service. The Government wants to sell off 70 per cent of the Probation Service.

The most incredible fact in this saga is that the government is tempted to give the contract to the G4S in spite of having constant scandals and is facing a police probe into the £50million allegedly swindled on the contract for prisoner tagging fiasco. It had been discovered G4S had billed the government for 18,000 but the true figure was 15,000. The remaining figures were either dead, abroad or in prison.  Even Mr Grayling the Justice Secretary, admitted G4S could have cheated the tax payers over £50millon over the last 15 years.  There again it is amazing that no earlier check was made. After that admission and statement is it twice incredible for Mr Grayling and the government even to consider this company.

This new contract is to check out criminals ready for probation if they tell the truth. It will be monitored by a polygraph tests and involved sex offenders before they freed.  It would show if they are “honest” to ensure there will be no risk to the public. G4S is in favour to win the contract.

A probation officer pointed out the terrible record of this company and can’t understand the government even to consider giving the contract to them. This probation work is responsible to decide to free the most dangerous criminals back on to the street. He thinks it is a recipe for disaster to give the contract of polygraph testing to this company with such bad record. The result of it will be when it is too late and the result will be terrible tragedies.

It was only a year ago when G4S was absolutely incapable to manage the Olympics contract. For a company which is the biggest security company in the world is was nothing but a disgrace.  The government had to call in the military and police to ensure the safety of the athletes and public. How on earth can you still consider this company for another contract leave alone such a vital one as in probation where live of the public could be endangered?

G4S, Serco and Sodexo run the security of 14 private prisons and are all in the bidding for contracts when the probation service is sold off.  The leaked documents show the scheme is rushed through so speedily that it could endanger the public.

A further revelation coming from Mr Grayling is that he wanted charities and volunteers groups dealing with criminals because they could do a better job than probation officer. In some case they certainly could but doesn’t it smell of David Cameron’s big dream of building a ‘Big Society’ with volunteers which to my mind means taking advantage of already the down-trodden public hopefully volunteering with no pay or very little.

Very clever Mr Cameron how about you and your friends volunteering to be Prime Minister and ministers; you would still be more than well off.  Now that would be a good idea and bring the deficit down.  

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