Monday, 18 August 2014


Whites have not been asked - at birth - how they want to be born whether white or coloured. Therefore they do not to be proud of being White; they could have been coloured.

So where is the big deal? Why that blown-up self-importance?
The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded in Tennessee in 1865. At the height of its existence it had 6million members in 1920. Today it has an estimated 5,000 to 8,000 in the USA.

In their characteristic white robes and pointed hoods they are holding secret meetings where they have vile ceremonies of stabbing black dummies with a nose round its neck.  There they delivering their sickening speeches spewing nothing but hate towards coloured people. Not having the brain to think that they also could have been born black. After all nobody gets asked how do you want to be born?

They feel mighty and powerful after their secret meeting but have not the courage to come out into the open and remove their hoods.  If they are as powerful as they proclaim in their speeches and feel superior over other groups of people why hiding under the hood?

It was shocking and sickening to hear Bieber sing a song “I’ll be part of the KKK and there’ll be one less lonely n****r.”  No any length of his apologies would wipe this song. After all he must have practices it for weeks and knew what he was doing.  I hope right minded people will stop buying his records. That is the only power people have to teach them a lesson. What an empty headed windbag.


These people had been used beyond endurance ever since they were stolen from Africa. When Wilberforce managed to abolished the act of slavery he should have made sure they were shipped back to their homeland again. Instead he made one mistake in his noble act he gave the plantation owners £53million as compensation.  When they were set free it was into the hand of villains who hunted them down and best were the KKK. Nobody decent helped to settle them to get on with life.  Yet those slaves had so much to give if only the white people would not have been so snobbish.

Now, the KKK after almost dying out and it would have been a good thing, they increased again. They spread also to UK and call themselves Imperial Knights Of The UK Church Of the KKK and demanding through hate messages  over the Internet “total segregation of non-white races.” The KKK’s gathering more and more and targeting children age from 14 to 17 years old. Knowing very well that it is the most impressionable age and they use it for their vile influence.  It is not known the number of members in the UK but their activities should not be underestimated and if possible cut down.  It is sickening to target people of other colour of skin and only a sick mind would do this.

In Europe there is also a branch of the KKK operating and spread over Germany, France and Switzerland.  Racist groups like the KKK are also found in Australia. A former leader, the Grand Imperial Wizard of the Klan, stating they have members in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Another branch of racist organisation, the Imperial Klans Of Brazil, was shut down in 2003 and its leader arrested. Respect and if Brazil can do it why can’t the rest of the other countries do it? What is going wrong there? Do they wait until the country is overrun with these kinds of minds?

In South Africa there is a racist organisation operating, beside of KKK, the Kommandokorps. According to the report it is another vile Afrikaner organisation running camps and teaching children the racial difference.
The Aryan Guard in Canada is a neo-Nazi group started in 2006. It is said that there were internal disagreement and the group was disbanded. But in reality it is believed they went underground.

Who in its right mind would don on a white robe and a pointed hood attending secret meeting where there is nothing but sickening mind spilt. Burning a cross or stabbing a black dummy with the nose round its neck? What a pathetic performance by supposed grown up people? If you are so minded have the guts and stand in the street or squares and spill out your garbage. Yes, you will be arrested and sentenced but then at least you are a man or woman and not a dirty little mouse scurrying around in dark corners.

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