Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Tories have £104billion in their coffer and yet charging  everything (election campaign) to the cash strapped taxpayer. Cameron has the nerve to say he cares about the working class.
It shows the length David Cameron is able to go. To even charge £180,000 to the taxpayers.

Looking back when UK Prime Minister David Cameron reshuffled his Cabinet; it cost the taxpayers nearly £180,000 for “Golden Handshakes”.  The desperate reshuffle was to improve the chance of winning the next General Election in May 2015. Since it was for the General Election and Tory's winning again it should have been taken out of the party's coffer and not the taxpayers but that is the Tories all over  It did not improve in the eyes of the general public since David Cameron just replaced them with others of his friends or as they were called in some newspaper “cronies”.

Each of the 15 Tories axed were entitled to a three months’ salary, tax-free redundancy pay.

Lord Hill’s redundancy was £25,000 in spite of walking into the next job as new European Commissioner in Brussels.  A row exploded not only on that but also about his successor Baroness Stowell being only paid £22,000 which is less than Lord Hill. David Cameron denies sexism but this clearly showed him up.

Labour MP John Mann said: “Lord Hill should hand his £25,259.50 pay-off to his successor – and urged the others to refuse the cash. None of them should get anything – particular Lord Hill who is going to a hugely salaried job in Europe. They should do what the rest of the country is doing and tighten their belts. Other people do not get a pay-off when they are sacked and in many cases this is rewards for failure.  The honourable thing to do would be not to take a penny and the whole system should be scrapped.”


Dominic Grieve, personal fortune around £3million, received a £23,943 after been sacked as Attorney General.

Owen Patterson, worth around £1.5million, and David Jones received £17,206.75.

Ken Clarke, a millionaire, holding shares in BP, BAT and Diageo at the last election and have an estimated value of £600,000. Has Ken Clarke been dumped because of the allegations of child abuse?  For whatever reason he was axed; he is entitle to £8,000.

Sir George, nicknamed as the bicycling baron, owns a family home in Hampshire worth £650,000 and a £500,000 flat in London.  His total fortune has not been revealed but he stood to receive a £8,000.

Energy minister Greg Barker, has a fortune o £7,4million from selling his stake in recruitment advertising firm, was also entitled to £8,250.50 when he was sacked.

Two more millionaires, former investment banker Hugh Robertson and ex-oil trader Alan Duncan also received the same amount of money.  Not quite millionaires but on the ladder up, still receive the same pay out was Andrew Lansley, David Willetts, Damian Green and Andrew Robathan.

Stephen Hammond and Nick Hunt got £5,924.25 each when they were sacked as junior ministers. Oliver Heald had £14,812 when he was ousted as Solicitor General.

The rule is such; they are entitled to their redundancy pay if they do not get a new ministerial job within three weeks.

The taxpayers had to dish out a total of £176,280 for people who have more or less a fortune themselves.  While the same taxpayers having to rely on food banks and making decision whether to put food on the table or in the coming winter heat their home. The Tories turned this country from an average good living into Dickson time.

A remark from the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg:  “David Cameron’s reshuffle showed that the head bangers have won”.

He pointed out further that the promotion of right-wing Euro sceptic Tories meant that his coalition partners were now even more “extreme” and the Tories moves to rip up the Human Rights Act.

He added: “The Conservative want to line up with Vladimir Putin and other tyrants by tearing up our tradition of human rights.”

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