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At the Conservatives Party Conference in Birmingham PM David Cameron promised to invest another £100million and to extent opening hours of all GPs by 2020. He said that the pilot scheme was very successful. This seems to contradict the results found by Pulse. Detailed below: 

UPDATE: 7 June, 2015  -- Despite of the evidence Cameron promised in his election campaign to extent this plan all over England. Another pipe dream from Cameron and the costs are not been given. Hospitals are working round the clock and 7-days anyway. He should have left the A&E open and they were round the clock and very efficient until he either closed them down or cut their hours. All this would have cost half the money  because apart from the nurses being in the A&E, the doctors are on night duty anyway. Another mess to ruin the NHS further. 

Nobody goes to the GP when they are bleeding or having  a heart attack. They call the ambulance and go straight to the hospital. For plasters and paracetamols there is no need to have the GP open  7-days a week. It is just money taken from the very needy NHS and wasted on GP who have a very high salary already, too high for what they do and service they give these days.

The queues at the GP appointments have built up to four weeks' waiting list. The same situations are hospital’s appointments some up to 18 months especially cancer patients who have a disease which so easily escalates into beyond help, having to wait for months.

Last year PM David Cameron announced proudly that he will spend £50million on a pilot scheme of GP surgery to open seven days.  Now, one year later it had been discovered by GP’s magazine Pulse as a sham. Another promise, another failure

The pilot scheme supposed to open daily from 8am-8pm and should have been introduced in seven areas but it has not begun in five out of the seven areas. The British Medical Association’s Dr Robert Morley said: “it confirmed his belief that idea was a “political gimmick."

From a total of 20 projects supposed to be for the benefit of 7.5million patients Pulse discovered that only Herefordshire and Slough were the only ones,


The rest of the supposed schemes were North West London, Southwark, North Yorks, Darlington and South West England has not even started after one year.  Pulse did not get a reply from 13 others.
Dr Louis Irvine. GP in Lewisham, South East London, England said: “It’s embarrassing for the PM that on the eve of his party’s conference a major announcement from last year’s event is yet to get off the ground.”

Here we have another scandal of the Coalition. Will it be still enforced or will it drop at the road side like so many other schemes and promises? The major concern for the taxpayers is what will happen to the £50million which is an enormous amount to three million hard-up families in Britain? Will that also vanish? There were too many flagships and pilot schemes which hardly got off the ground but every time he promised to put in huge sums of money and that the end of it. There had been billions of pounds being wasted while the general public is starving or live on the street or even in caves. How Cameron can go round and campaign for the Tories to win again is unbelievable. 

It is not the only scheme the Prime Minister so easily announces and then it is never implemented.  There is a string of “allocated” millions of pounds each designed for various projects to improve the way of life but has the money reached its destination?  We often wondered and for the first time a scheme was discovered not to have been done.

This is the fault of the Secretary of Health Jeremy Hunt as well as the PM David Cameron not to have followed it up. 

The squandering of millions and billions of pounds during the reign of the Coalition is mind boggling.  Yet, it is this Coalition who introduced and shouts about austerity to bring the debt down but they did not austerity in their own backyard.

Source: Daily Mirror

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