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BECAUSE THE NHS IS AT BREAKING POINT   ANOTHER LIE?   It does not seem the new PM May is any better.

UPDATE: 5 June, 2015 -- David Cameron promised to put £8billion into the NHS. If he did it would have shown a vast improvement; instead hospital in the South West are now under a Regulator.

UPDATE: 6 April, 2015 -- After all Cameron done to the NHS he is trying to convince people, again, that the NHS is safe from privatisation. Does he still know what he is talking about? 

Overr 200 contractors working in the NHSand he sold one hospitals for £780,000. Safe from Privatisation????

This is incredible to promise the NHS is safe from privatising. The very same David Cameron who promised it the last time in his election manifesto “The NHS is safe in our hands”.

He barely was in power he sacked 5,000 nurses and untold number of doctors but no executives. He even brought top consultants in to decide who should be sacked and who should not, at the taxpayers' expense of £5million.  The existing top management who were running the hospitals were not capable to do that in David Cameron’s opinion. No. because his friends would not get another handout on the expense of the NHS and the taxpayers.

All savings on the NHS was with the excuse of cutting National debts but in spite of it all the debts increased from £1,000billion to over £1,500billion =  £500billion in five years and no "Credit Crunsh" plus austerity to the point of starvation of ordinary working folks.  

At the Conservatives Conference in Birmingham he had the incredible nerve to promise that he will not privatise the NHS. Does that man really think the public will buy it again after four years of evidence of dismantling it? He introduced over 200 private contractors already. If that is not privatising, what is?  Is it too much to assume most of them are his friends?

Cameron had gone beyond any decency, respect and principles by mentioning that he knows what it is like because of his dead son who was severely disabled. Now he mentioned it and thinks of his son after he done all the damage he could do to the NHS.  He could not or did not think of his son before in all this four years when he systematically dismantled the NHS. Although he did not mentioned it, for unknown reason, but he also had experience with his father who was disabled.  For someone who saw all his life what illnesses or being disabled means to be so cold blooded and almost destroying a wonderful service like the NHS needs somebody with a personality of David Cameron. For any body else it is something beyond understanding.

Besides it was given to the people as a "thank you" for the sacrifices during the last war and paid all thier lives for. It does not even belong to the government; it belongs to the people. PM David Cameron had no right to touch the NHS nor siphon money off for various projects which never work. When htey collapsed did he put the money back into the NHS? Your guess is as good as mine.


He even changed the name NHS into “Health Care”. The United Kingdom is not the USA and therefore the name NHS should be kept. Why does this government copy everything from America? It was a great Empire because it stood on its own feet and is still great, proud nation.  This was also another point David Cameron was trying and it has to be repeated trying to make that he wants to be the UK to be a proud nation.  How does a man put words like that in his mouth when he brought the whole country down during his four years of reign? He and his great mathematician George Osborne managed to have the Sterling Pound devalued. During his four years he and his MPs passed several remarks criticising the general public who could not find jobs, insulting them with Zero Hours Contracts and withdrawing benefits from disabled people through a French contractors ATOS. Most of all introducing Spare Bedroom Tax which hit the poorest of already cash strapped people instead a Manson Tax.  He brought down his people and country so much they rely on Food Banks.

This man must have an unspeakable thick nerve to think people buy all his speech and especially his promises again. How does a man live with himself with a record of almost ruining the NHS and his country, causing endless death and harm to the people?

Source: Daily Mirror

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