Saturday, 16 August 2014


This is another reason why the Tories should never come into power again. To pay the soldiers such a low wages that they get into depth and have to rely on loan sharks is despicable.  People who risk their lives and some die unnecessarily for a war which has nothing to do with Britain should at least receive a decent wage 

It also bound to play on their minds when they are in the front line fighting the Taliban. How can they be concentrating on their job? It bound to put some into danger or their comrades. They should have no financial worries at all when they out there and their mind is in peace that their family is well provided for.

The report states that it is not a few hundred who might have lived it up too much but thousands who did not live a life on the top but have to use loans sharks. It proves that the family back home cannot manage while the “Elite” is rolling in money.  The same people, who order them to fight in Afghanistan, were stopped by vote to enter Syria’s civil war and most probably will now get involved in Iraq.  These men and women are all right to do their dirty work but paying them properly so that they have not to use loan sharks which charges 1,734 per cent they are not all right for that.


One thing has to be said here the US looks after its soldiers when they returned wounded far better than Britain. They get the best of treatment and places to recover which all the facilities possible. Mr Cameron does not take an example there.  USA also has established an Armed Forces credit union and US’s Navy Federal to help its four million American military personnel.  Furthermore, it is all state funded and have not rely on endless charities functions to get just the basic treatment, like in the UK.  This government has a lost to answer for.

This government aught to be ashamed but it is known they have no such emotions. Neither do they feel about the millions in the UK living under the bread line. They are so callous that they are even thinking of forbidding the food banks. If they do that there will be people either starved to death like in Dickinson time or such uproar they will never forget it.

Even Margaret Thatcher never got the country down so far as to the troops having to use loan sharks to survive or having hundreds of food banks established.  

In my opinion David Cameron is the worst Prime Minister and his Government since Victorian times.

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