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Baroness Anne Jenkins, 59, was a great friend of Margaret Thatcher which explained already a lot.   She owns a property in Kensington value £1.1million.  

She explained the need for Food Banks and increasing is purely a lack of cooking.  This caused and uproar in the House of Commons and she later changed to that if people would cook more their money would go further.

  Does she know that these people might already been cut off gas and electricity? 

According to Food Banks they also have to give out emergency camp stoves because they have no gas and electricity and people refuse food that needs warming up.  You also can not cook if there is nothing in the cupboards.

Mrs Jenkins founded in 2005 WOMEN2WIN in the Tory Party to get more women into politics. This campaign bound to have cost the taxpayers’ money and it was to no avail because there are fewer women in the Cabinet than ever before.  Was it just to have a more important job?  It certainly had no effect and Mrs Jenkins has been running it since the 2005.

In 2011 Mrs Jenkins received a peerage from PM David Cameron but may we ask for what? Her campaign for WOMEN2WIN did not work and even now to remark that Food Banks are a result of people not cooking is a complete wrong statement, to put it politely.

According to Shelter there will be 90,000 people homeless on Christmas.  What would be Baroness Anne Jenkins recommend on that?  It would be better if she and a number of other Tories would not comment on a matter they have not got a clue.  How can they comment with their income of millions of pounds and living standard they are leading?

 The picture she shows of herself with a porridge she cooked for the cost of 4p leaves a lot of questions.  People might look like plebs to them but they are not that easily taken in by her and the Tory Party’s friend.
She should attack the real originator of having to have Food Banks.  There is the Prime Minister David Cameron who pretends they do not exist yet he pushed the people into the situation. 

Chancellor George Osborne who started the austerity and still promised to increase the benefits cuts although it is already down to the bone.  

The Master of it all Ian Duncan Smith head of the Department of Work and pension, who has cut or stopped benefits, even for disabled people. Some could not face it any more and committed suicide or died of starvation.  Yes, died of starvation in Britain and in the 21st century.  

At the same time he awarded himself and his staff £44million bonus. That is the situation of the UK today.  One reporter even mentioned that he put down £40 for breakfast on his expenses.  These are the people who tell hard-up one how to manage them money.

Labour Baroness Lister of Burtersell had said: “Chronic hunger and food poverty were the blight on the country.”

Another great criticism has to be made on Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, statements.  Accordingly he was shocked to see the state the country was in. Where was he all the last two or three years while it had been going on? He demanded that there should be state-run Food Banks.   

Why, so they employ more contractors who siphon off another huge amount of taxpayers’ money?    Food Banks had been going on for a few years now and do an excellent job with their volunteers.  

The Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Rev Justin Welby was schooling in Eton and led a complete different life to ordinary people.   He never uttered a word of criticism of the Government and demands they should pay people the proper wage or give the disabled people their benefits. They would walk tall with pride again and not feeling low having to go to Food Banks.

How these people must feel having to go to Food Banks? They have their pride and dignity which is almost taken away by increasing Millionaire who turn and tell how to cook. They surely could show them how to live a less luxurious and waste of money live. That is where austerity should be introduced.  It is there where the £4 and £5million salaries plus bonuses should be cut down. 

That Ian Duncan Smith has a lot to answer for when he claims a £40 breakfast on his expenses and hands out $44million bonus while he made people starve and rely on Food Banks even when they are working.

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