Monday, 26 October 2015


Update 27 Sept, 2019 - Please use your vote and VOTE LABOUR to save all those starving, disable and homeless people. Please!!! Otherwise it will be even worse after Tory's win. It is not a propaganda!!!!  

UPDATE - It was expected that Chancellor George Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith, head of the Dept of Work and Pension will find a way out. Now they changed it into Global Credit Reform and as heralded already in The Guardian it will be far less. Some families will lose £1,600 per year while other win a £1,400. Guess who?

Since the Parliament is so fond of "Reforming" which is always beneficial for them. Can we reform the Parliament?  After all we put them there. Make sure you use your vote on 5 May, 2016 and for any other party but Tories

Result:  The Lords voted to delay the Tax Credit Cuts and demanded an investigation and compensation for the loss of the Tax Credit plus to make the MPs rethink. Now the Lords really done it, kicking the ball back and right into their faces. Little David and even Georgi  sworn revenge.

Oh dear, is the little boy David stamping his feet and throwing a humdrum because the Lords don’t want to play ball with him?

He was first threatening with running to the Queen, so she could elect 150 Lords to vote for his Tax Credit Cuts because the Lords wanted to table a “fatal motion” but that would cause a constitutional crisis. 

The Lord's main objective is that the House of Commons passed the bill without debate in the House of Commons. The Tax Credit Cuts were not mentioned in the Conservatives' Election Manifesto. On those grounds the House of Lords can vote against it. Otherwise the Lords have no say in the fiscal decision of the Government

Now, he threatens to build up Conservative Lord by adding 100 more of his cronies to get the majority there as well. Oh dear, the House of Lords must be trembling what all little David will do to them.

What will the Lords do to calm the little boy down? He refused to accept that he can not get his way.

At the moment the House of Lord is more the overcrowded even after the extension of their chambers. The Lords cost the taxpayers £21million a year not adding the cost of staff and security.

There are peers sitting there and never take part on the discussion costing the taxpayers £750,000 a year.

If little David makes his threat come true to add another 100 they will have to sit on top of each other because they are already quizzed in to limit, not to speak of the extra cost.
It all shows a disregard towards the hard-working people who he tries desperately to cut their money beyond belief and also to get 100 more Lords to get his way with all his bills.

He is getting into manners which is not worthy of a Prime Minister. Even if he resigns, which he also threatened, because he cannot handle it the followers whispered George Osborne or Boris Johnson is in my opinion none the better.

It is amazing how much weight he puts behind the Tax Credit Cuts but never bothered about the British Steel industry which would have brought a lot to the economy plus kept over 5,000 workers off the welfare list. He woollies up to the Chinese instead of stopping their steel import to save the British Steel industry. 

He wanted to get their financial support to build two Nuclear Power Stations but mainly to get his HS2 train built. They only signed it because it would give them more steel export. There again, if he would have financed the people to increase Solar Energy it would have been beneficial.

Oh yes, David Cameron promised to give £9billion to save the Tata Steel Works but we all know what he and his promises are like. He promised £8billion a year to the NHS but, I bet, they never received it. He promised to build 200 houses a year for the social sector but he built houses which cost £450,000 the least.

Since 2010 there had been an endless list of promises and none were kept. The voters fell for it again because of his smears and lies at the election in May 2015 about Labour. Now the voters have to face the fiasco if the Lords vote for Tax Credit Cuts to be introduced. We only can hope and pray they do not.

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