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Update 14 Nov., 2019 - May resigned in June and Boris Johnson became PM in July but it he is even worse. He tried to close down Parliament but was overruled by the Courts. He got an Brexit agreement with EU but down voted by House of Common because it has a Custom check at the Irish Sea which is against Good Friday Agreement. Now he decided to have a General Election on 12 Dec., 2019

British Steel is planned to be sold to China.

Trump plans to have a TTIP with UK whereby UK has to lower its Food Standard to accept USA clorinated chicken and hormon injected beef; it also includes NHS. Johnson agrees to all that.

Update 6 Nov.,  2016 -- The new PM Theresa May none the  better, since she went to China. She confirmed contracts for the two Nuclear Power Stations in the UK, which nobody wants, involving 80,000 tonnes of steel, and the move of the car plant Rover MG to China.  

Both a heavy loss of thousands of tonnes of steel to British Steel.

An insult to all steel workers who lost their job and to the Nation which lost their Steel Industry Mr Cameron called it an "Golden Era". How could he and how dare he?

UPDATE: 24 Oct., 2015 -
A deal was signed to build two nuclear power stations; most probably with Chinese Steel. EDF the French Government Electricity company will built it and most probably run it. The profit goes into the French Government.  

Well done PM David Cameron. He could have saved British Steel by stopping Chinese import. That deal stinks of everything that is moral. What else did he sell to the Chinese?

It is strange that by co-incident the British Steelworks got into trouble because the foreign owners pulled out, as the Chinese President arrived in London and after clever-boy George Osborne went to China.  Such an co-incident!!!!!!!!!

Cameron announced a “Golden Era” began between the UK and China. There are several criticisms against the “Golden Era” heralded by Cameron.

The reality is, he hopes China invest 30 per cent in the new building of a Nuclear Power Station and also partly finances the luxury train HS2. 

Although the Chinese president Xi Jinping signed an agreement on his second day of his visit he pointed out that details will be worked out when he returns to China. Already a great protest broke out in China against President Xi Jinping's visit to the UK.

Chinese economy was part of the collapse in recent months and they lost heavily on their share value. It also reflected in the collapse of British Steel because they flooded the UK and Europe with cheaper precede steel. The price of steel dropped from £330 to £180 per ton.

China will try to sell their steel even more aggressively to boost their economy but it is the UK which has not to buy it. Germany and France nationalised their steel industry to safeguard it. Why can not the UK do it?

China produces 1.6billion tons a year.

There are also great critics of China for its large consuming of wildlife products – ivory – tiger body parts and rhino horns for the medical and decoration. 2011 a report by International Foundation for Animals Welfare revealed “rampart illegal ivory trade” which led to a crackdown.

Prince William gave a speech on Chinese network CCTVs urging the people to stop buying illegal animal parts. It reached 100 million people.

Campaigners appeal to David Cameron regarding Chinese human rights records – such as repression of other minorities, detaining human rights lawyers and restriction on freedom of worship.

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong protested against China plans to intervene in HK election last year.  He told David Cameron he can not trust the Chinese assurance on HK if it is given during the week’s visit.

Wong said: “My message to David Cameron is that China has not kept its promise to the people of HK to deliver universal suffrage, so how can you trust Mr Xi to keep his word on the trade deal signed this week.”

Mind you Mr Xi Jinping, if it is the fact, is not worse than PM David Cameron who never keeps his word.

China was accused of cyber-attacks on other countries. Therefore it is feared they can use commercial deals with Britain to spy on companies.

China seems to be the perfect trade’s people.  When they show their cards they always had an alternative motive and advantage in their deals.

Sky’s economist editor Ed Conway points out the possibility of losing the closed contact with the US which already cooled down since the UK joined China’ Asia Infrastructure investing Bank which is a rival to the World Bank. Is David Cameron trying to play a double sided political game? If so he will crash-land where China is concerned. They buy and sell him before he can say Hello.

Again David Cameron is selling out his people rather than offend the Chinese. A 60 years campaign to receive the deserved medal for 1949 China Yangtze River is being held back just for hat reason, The Sun reported.

The HMS Concord destruction “played a vital role in guiding crippled HMS Ametyst away from the Chinese guns”, the paper says, but the navy men never got their medals. Now, even Work and Pension Secretary Ian Duncan Smith agrees and is joined by the Ministry of Defence for not to cause trouble with Beijing.

That is really marvellous. None of these ‘men’ had ever any hard times leave alone fighting in s war; yet they decide to withhold medals which the brave navy men fought for their country with all the sacrifices.

The real reason is to get their H2S train financed. The Tories are not worried either about the Steel Industry. They are so callous that they do not accept a payment from the EU to save the steel industry because it would stop their repay.  Why? Where does the repay go?

Again they show the Tories do anything to get their projects done. It is sickening to know that we have to live under such a Government which is utterly and completely self-centred and step over anybody of the public.

Source: Huffingdon Post, The Sun and Daily Mirror

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