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BRITISH STEEL WORKS CLOSURE- Update: 18 January, 2016

UPDATE: 18 January, 2016

Announcement today that Tata will make 1050 workers redundant. 

So Mr Cameron did not keep his promise and failed his people again.

The result so far is that Cameron pledged a £9billion to Tata Steel work to keep it going but we had a list of broken pledges by now; time will tell. 

Scunthorpe will not be supported and moth-balled. 

Another sell out to the Chinese. Cameron could have saved British steel if he stopped Chinese import instead he sign a contract with China to built two nuclear power stations most probably with Chinese steel and build by EDF the French Government electricity company. France and Germany saved their steel industry by nationalising it. 

Well done, a stinking deal and sell out to your people, Cameron & Co.

He has £167billion for Trident  and £70billion for H2S luxury train yet lets British Steel Industry go to the wall.

British Steel had a world wide reputation which no one could touch it because the 
quality was so high.

Then some brainless but greedy wizard privatised it. Privatisation is never for the love of the British public but greed of politicians. There is always a bundle falling under the table.

Soon after the ‘British Steel’ got into financial trouble because the chief executives and the shareholders got out of it as much as possible. It was not the workers who done one of the hardest jobs.

Then another brainless move came to sell it off to foreign bidders and another few bundles fell off the table. These foreign companies again took the highest profit and salaries but at the same time learned what was so special about the ‘British Steel’ how the highest quality is produced, make no mistake?

Now we have the final scenario which the politicians should have foreseen. They all go back to their country and produce the high quality steel at lower price because their workforce is cheaper.

One of the reason given, from Tata, was the electricity was too costly.  Well done the six energy suppliers because now you see the result and cut your own throats with your greed

All this has happened, not only to British Steel, but to many other top industries Britain was famous for.

The same Tories which caused all the trouble has now to bath it out or will they? PM David Cameron already appealing to China’s President for help. Already the Chinese Ambassador in London told Cameron that Britain has to adjust. In other words "No Help". That sums it up.

China is the real business people, if they do not see a profit for themselves they will not bother. Does Cameron not see or know it? Or does he not care unless it is for his advantage? It proven with the steel works now he negotiated a deal about a nuclear power station. It will be the same. The moment the Nuclear Power Station will get old and needs costly repairs they will be off. The Chinese learnt what they wanted to learn again.

China will not go down even after they lost heavily  in the last few months but they have one of the biggest gold reserves. Chine is wise to buy constantly more gold.

Again, why not stand up and by the steel industry? Germany and France had the same dilemma but they backed-up their steel industry and rescued it from bankruptcy.  The only problem in this it would cost the treasury a huge amount of money which the Tory’s always shy away from.

Again it is the wrong policy because there will be soon 1,700 in PwC, 1,700 Redcar and 2,000 in Tata unemployed. There is also always a string of others smaller businesses attached to it which will go under and create more unemployment which go onto the welfare.

Remember the words from PM David Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne and other cabinet ministers who promised an improved economy since Labour done it all wrong. Yet Labour never borrowed so much in all their years in office and Labour, Gordon Brown, brought the recession caused not by them but the top financiers called Credit Crunch from minus 2.6 to plus 1 per cent back which vanished in the first three months after the Tories were in office.

Debts had risen from £1,500trillion to £1,560trillion in the last four months

In the last five years the Tories had two recessions and one nearly miss even there was no Credit Crunch.

What do the Tories about this steel crisis, poverty crisis and the refugee crisis? They put their head in the sand and wait until it blows over. Labour would have nationalised the Steel Industry and saved those 6,000 steel workers’ jobs.

These jobs are all in the north of England and it will hit harder because there is already great unemployment. Yes, Chancellor George Osborne with his false promise of Northern Powerhouse won the Tories their election. Soon he cancelled the modernisation of the Northern Railways System which he promised to invest £36billion the moment they won.

If the people have not learnt their lesson from the last five years of austerity and double and treble the rich’ pockets maybe now it will dawn what they have done voting them in again. As promised, and this promise will be kept, “They want to come back to finish the job”.

It will come down even harder after April 2016 when the Tax Credit will be cut or completely cancelled.  Tories’ saving will always be off the back of the poor and most vulnerable never from their own pockets or friends. Chief executives earning millions of pounds plus bonuses almost as much while people rely on food banks to stay alive is not even scandalous but criminal.

They even had the nerve to increase MPs’ salaries by 10 per cent. MPs that live rent free and have all their other expenses paid for by the taxpayers.  Even PM David Cameron claims £32,000 for his mortgage while he lives at 10 Downing Street rent free. Not to mention he is a multi-millionaire, most probably a multi-billionaire.

Is PM David Cameron still puffing out his chest and preening his peacock feather stating that the Tories are reducing unemployment?

Or Chancellor George Osborne lied about the economy improving and the Northern Powerhouse.

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