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My Opinion:  It is an escalation of the situation which is unnecessary. It looks a counteract to the Russian bombing the ‘rebels’ as well as the IS. The ‘rebels’ are supported by the USA and it’s Allies which already is wrong. The USA has no right to interfere in Syria but they had been operating there since 2011.

America and its Allies are determined to bring Mr Assad, the President, of Syria down. According to them he is a dictator but that was said about Afghanistan’s -, Iraq’s –, Iran’s -, Lebanon’s – and Libya’s leaders and these countries were completely destroyed.

Now it seems Syria is on the list. It is surprising that Saudi Arabia is all for Mr Assad to be brought down because he is a ‘dictator’.  The Saudis do not have an exact perfect track record.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was already pushing in 2014 for military intervention with all his might and the world was on the verge of war. The reason was that a chemical bomb was dropped and John Kerry insisted it was Mr Assad’s regime. He also stated constantly, that 1,500 were killed while the Doctors Without Borders who were there stated it was around 500.


For days John Kerry kept on and the UK was ready to sent troops into action. In the last minute the Russians intervened and made Mr Assad to hand over all his chemical weapons which were destroyed. Their action put out the fuse and John Kerry vanished from the TV news.

The UN sent a team of experts to investigate. The report was never published and it all died a natural death. In my view, if it had been Assad's army we would have heard of it in big headlines.Most probably in 50 years we will read about the truth

The moment Russia back-up Mr Assad’s regime by bombing the ‘rebels’ as well as IS strongholds John Kerry was back. He criticised the Russians for bombing but never mind American done it for five years. The main reason was that Russia destroyed ammunition depots and communication centres of the IS as well as the‘rebels’. USA swore revenge.

Russia invited the USA representatives to Moscow to a talk to solve the problems diplomatically. The public was not informed of the outcome or any other details.

Apparently there was not a lot achieved because the USA is now sending troops to Syria without permission of Mr Assad and his government.  This is a violation of entering a country and it is illegal.  It is also an escalation of the civil war.  It proves that America and its allies have no intention of bringing the situation to a peaceful end.
It does not give any credibility to the USA, its allies and John Kerry trying to stop the civil war or solving the refugee crisis.

It is high time that America stops playing the righteous, including UK, and stops interfering in other countries. The USA and UK have enough troubles at home to be solved and both are, at the moment, not exactly democratic.

 The UK government is trying to cut the welfare by £12billion but always has hundreds of billions of pounds for war which does not concern them. Why the UK has to get involved every time the USA snap their fingers? It got  the UK so many enemies. Harold Wilson, Labour, was the only leader who refused to get involved in the Vietnam war.

Why the US Secretary of State John Kerry forever trying to light the fuse is anyone guess? Syria is not Afghanistan, Iraq or any other country. Behind Syria are Russia, China and Iran.  Is John Kerry to bring about another World War?

John Kerry, so the record, was dishonourable dismissed from the Navy during the Vietnam War because he was in contact with the Vietcong.  In America to be dishonourable dismissed from the forces is one of the worst sentences a person can get. Very few employers would employ that person. Yet, there he is a US Secretary of State trying to aggravate the situation to the fullest.                              

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