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FINANCIAL CUTS Updated 2 Nov., 2019

New Chancellor
Philip Hammond
Update 2 Nov., 2019 - PM May resigned in June 2019 and Boris Johnson was chosen by his Tory Party, not the Public - Philip Hammond resigned and Sajid Javid is now the new Chancellor since July.

Johnson tried to get his Brexit deal approve by Parliament but couldn't because he put an Irish Border at the Irish Sea which is unacceptable. He then  announced a General Election on 12 December, 2019. Brexit was postponed till 31 January, 2020. 

There was no new Budget due at the end of September, 2019 and no report of Economic data. The quarterly report before showed a Deficit and it is assumed that the Economy has not improved. Therefore, the reason for not publishing the Economy Report, most probably, was the coming GE.                                           

UPDATED   24 Nov., 2016  --
Yesterday's new Chancellor Philip Hammond's budget was beyond belief. Osborne must have been in it Cut Corporation Tax to 17 pc; only freezing petrol tax not reducing since the crude oil is half the price; no big deal to increase living wages from £7.30 to £7.50; no increase in NHS, Welfare, Disability funding or cancel the Bedroom Tax or cancelling the £12bn Welfare Cuts or Austerity.

NO INCREASE WHERE THE BUDGET SHOULD HAVE!!! It would have given people a right to live and they could spend which would have increased manufacturing = economic.

Announcing at the same time there will be no Budget in Spring.

£12billion Welfare Cuts off the back of the poor and vulnerable but money for bombing Syria. Each mission costs £500million.

Start with the Parliament which is bloated beyond belief. There are 650 MPs and 820 in the House of Lords. According to the statistics only China has a bigger number in their government.

China has a population of 1.360 trillion
UK has a population of 64 million

The reason for the rise of Members of Parliament (MPs) is that the Tory Government keeps splitting the Tory’s constituency to get another candidate into Parliament and with that another vote aiming for a guaranteed majority

Each MP costs at least £70,000 a year plus high expenses = £45,500,000 salaries alone plus expenses from 650 MPs

78 per cent of the MPs are millionaires

It costs the taxpayers £4million a year just for drinks

The Ladies and Lords receive £300 per day if they attend the House of Lords plus expenses. They do not have to do anything or contribute on discussions.

A small number of Lords do not attend the House of Lords at all.

Let us say out of the 820 Ladies and Lords about 750 do attend and £300 per day. = £225,000 plus expenses.  The Parliament only sits 150 days a year, thank goodness, and the total minimum sum is £33,750,000 per year plus expenses.

These are only the salaries and expenses are unknown. The catering was stated with £4million; then the upkeep of wardrobes and building which is not known.

The House of Lords are so arrogant that they refused to share the catering with the House of Common to save.  Chancellor George Osborne forces all the cuts onto the general public yet he does not force them to use the same catering. There could be at least a million of two pounds to be saved.

In view of the above mentioned figures of population and government it should be cut in half and the House of Lords down to 300. Now this would bring hundreds of million pound into the Treasury and it would not even hit the poor. The MPs are all millionaires or even billionaires and each of them have a great number of other jobs. No starvation there and the debts would come down.

For all these high expenses paid by the taxpayers all we get is cut the Welfare, cut the pensioners, cut the councils’ service. Now the Chancellor is jubilant to have an agreement of 30 percent cuts of transport, council service and environment (Parks etc). Again all impacts on the public.

It is time for Mr Cameron to honour his pledge and bring the Tax dodgers to pay their proper amount. They rather pay a group of accountants to find all the loopholes instead to pay taxes.

It would also be more beneficial than cutting the Welfare if Mr Osborne increases the corporation taxes.

More savings could be made at the Department of Defence with cancelling the updating of the Trident = £167billion.

The nuclear Trident can never be used and therefore it is the biggest waste of money

Another ‘White Elephant’ is the luxurious HS2 train, which so far, cost £70billion and keeps rising rapidly. The ticket would be so expensive therefore only rich people can used it and then they write it off on taxes which would be taxpayers footing the bill.

There is also another chance to bring spending down if the Government would cut Foreign Aid. Most of the countries are goes to it ends up in the pocket of the government. The poor for whom it is intended never see it. This goes on since the 1950s and if it would have reached the poor they would live, by now in luxury.

EU’s membership cost £19billion a year then there is the fund for bail-out, even the fund for countries which are too poor to pay the entry fee and all to be added on top of it. All the UK gets out of it is restriction in fishing rights, red tape for business and interference in the UK Law.

For goodness sake get some sense.

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