Tuesday, 1 December 2015



Syria needs peace and all the Allies should work towards it.

At the moment, it was reported, 11 countries are bombing the ISIS strongholds.  But a great number of these countries play a double game. They are bombing while they supply the ISIS with weapons through the back-door. Therefore the bombing will not achieve anything but destruction of the towns.

Is it wise that UK PM David Cameron trying to push his decision forward to add the UK in the bombing raids?

The leader of the Labour Party, who has become a thorn in David Cameron‘s sides, campaigns to bring peace to Syria and end the civil war. After all it had increased and spilled over the border of Syria across the world.

USA supported the “moderate rebels” which is very debatable group who they are and escalate the fighting with no hope to bring down Mr Assad. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, seems to be too hot headed in his termination of replacing Mr Assad. Therefore, presumable pressuring Mr Cameron and him follows it not very wise. 

The only PM who refused to join the USA was Harold Wilson, Labour, in the Vietnam War. A war, which turned out to be a great loss of lives.

One of the arguments against increased bombing is that it would bring ISIS’ revenge to the UK, like it did in France. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon pointed out that the UK is already on the ISIS list. It maybe so and there is no doubt because of the unauthorised bombing made by David Cameron last September. Unauthorised because the MPs voted against it in 2013.

However, Mr Fallow has a point but more bombing would increase Isis’s determination to repeat a Paris attack in London. If the UK now stays out of it it might be avoidable.

Although the West does not want to listen and hear it but the Russian having a more sensible approach to bring the ISIS down. They suggest sanctions and confiscate the huge amount of money sitting everywhere in banks.  Banks also have to answer why they playing a double game and support the ISIS in a round about way.

France President Mr Hollande had a meeting with the Russian President Mr Puttin and  agreed to side with Russia in a united effort to bring peace.

Although Germany announced that the Cabinet decided to join the bombing raid but a poll showed that only 36 per cent of the people agreed with it.  Mrs Merkel also went against the people’s wishes. This point was not widely spread in the press because it would influence MPs' votes  to some extent..

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