Thursday, 3 December 2015


Cameron's biggest mistake comes home to haunt him and especially us. ISIS declares UK next for attack.

It is still unbelievable and surely for the majority of the people. Prime Minister David Cameron forced the Tory MPs to vote for air strikes.

Not so much persuaded by Mr Cameron but he insisted on a "collective" vote which means the MPs have to vote "Yes" on Mr Cameron's decision. 

Labour leader Mr Corbyn decided on a free vote for his MPs. Therefore you found 66 Labour MPs voted for air strikes while Mr Corbyn was against it. It gave the Government the majority.
Well America has roped the UK in again, into a war which nobody wanted.

Mr Assad, President of Syria, has stated on the Czech TV that the USA’s bombing did not make much an impact and it is the fact because the ISIS made constant progress. Therefore, the question is what were the USA doing all those four years? Mr Assad also pointed out that the Russian, in their short time of being involved, made a bigger impact.

MPs were never more misled and dealt against the will of the people who elected them. If the Tories would have given the MPs a free vote like Labour did, it would have been a different outcome and the David Cameron and his disciples knew it. It was nothing but a calculation of manipulation.

Two days after your voting for bombing the ISIS announced to attack the UK first. Well done MPs; hope you are proud of it. One day before the vote the ISIS only named the USA, Russia and France as their next target. No UK was mentioned. 
He was so desperate to get involved that he had the RAF already stood by and gave them the go ahead within an hour.

Every mission costs the country £500million which, of course, he did not mention it in his speech. Every missile cost £22,000 for Paveway 4 to target armoured personnel carrier, £100,000 for Brimstone to target fast moving pick-up trucks and individual IS fighters and £790,000 for Storm Shadow cruise missiles to take out bigger targets.

Since the beginning of the civil war which the American ignited by supporting al-Qaeda from which the ISIS sprang and the so called “moderate rebels” the civilian died or fled. Also the UK was supporting the 'rebels' later on.

Now that the ISIS being totally ruthless and gone out of hand the West shouting about to destroy them. There again about 11 countries, in the last few months, are bombarding them already which should have been a total wipe out by now.

However, so far 300,000 people died and millions are displaced and the ISIS is still causing atrocities. It does not give a successful picture.

Russia even so they fly bombing mission, now suggests a more peaceful way of bringing the ISIS down. They suggest sanction and confiscating their bank account as far as possible. French President Hollande who faced the biggest attack so far also agreed with the Russians.

Why could David Cameron not join them instead of hot-heading into air strikes which do not eliminated the danger of being attacked on the street in the UK but increase it. David Cameron placed now the country and its people into the most dangerous situation, whether he likes to admit it or not.

The other point is how he dares to spend such vast amount of money while only in his recent budget demanded a £12billion Welfare cut. A Welfare cut from the cash strapped people who are already starving and many homeless because they cannot pay their bills.

Can anybody he be so callous with Ian Duncan Smith, head of DWP, hopping about at the announcement of £12billion Welfare cuts and then all his disciples agreed to spend billions of pounds on air strikes which nobody wants

Make no mistake, even so the House of Lords voted against the £12billion Welfare cuts, but Chancellor George Osborne will wangle it through. He also cut the councils by £16billion which will reduce their service drastically.

Again the Tories put out the lie that the debts occurred during Labour government but £500billion was added on since 2010 and now every month them adding £50 to £60million every month since they won the election.

So far Chancellor George Osborne borrowed already the same amount as for the whole financial last year and there is still five months to go.

In view of the economical disaster how can the government no disregards and enters the UK into a war.  A war which David Cameron now discloses it would last for years. So were does the money come from for this war?

Afghanistan and Iraq should have been more than a lesson. It achieved nothing but disarray in the countries, death and financial hardship on both sides.

This Prime Minister seems too bent over just to get his will despite of all cost. He let happily the Steel Industry go and kowtow to the Chinese who rub their hands with glee because they are flooding the UK with cheaper steel. He signed a contract for two Nuclear Power Stations to be built by the French EDF and run by Chinese. He brought the general public down to starvation with austerity. He is controlling the press and wants now to control the Freedom of Information. He is pushing through a new law to stop strikes. He took the power off the council to disagree with fracking. It is now decided by Westminster because Lancashire Council turned his friends down for fracking.

All these actions, and there are more, have certainly nothing to do with democracy and representation of the people who elected them. Hopefully the people will remember this at the local election next year and the power of the Tory’s majority will be take out off their hands.


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