Friday, 4 December 2015


That was to be expected and by every one but the Government. After all the vote for air strikes was made on nothing but lies. PM David Cameron was bullying the MPs with saying to make the UK safer was a lie and a vote catcher.

Well, let's hear the comment from David Cameron now he ridden the UK into that situation. Congratulation and a thank you to all MPs voting for air-strikes especially to those 66 Labour MPs who back-stabbed Mr Corbyn. Hope you are proud of it.

The very day, before the vote, ISIS put out a video with threats and promises to attack the USA, Russia and France. Nothing was mentioned about the UK. It should have given David Cameron a message not to go through with the vote.

It has also now been revealed his great fanfare of 70,000 ‘moderate rebels’ on the ground do not exists as such. Another lie. David Cameron was warned not to use it by two Army Chiefs because it does not exists.
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David Cameron’s vote of a majority was also condemned by the Syria’s Minister of Information. He stated that bombing would not achieve any result it would have been better to co-operate with the Syria’s and Russians’ government.

Mr Cruikshank, an anti-terrorist expert, has information from a reliable source that ISIS is attacking the UK next. Does David Cameron not realise that these people do not fight in the conventional way with soldiers on the ground and air strikes?

They have individuals who go out and shoot and bomb and blow themselves up to commit mass murder. People who might have lived in the UK for some time and are only too ready for their cause.

The UK had already the revenge from the Iraq war when they killed 54 people on 7/7 and injured many more, some with lifelong injuries. Yes, Ken Livingstone was right that it was due to Tony Blair’s started an illegal war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This time the UN, which is anything but independent, has agreed to it but in my view the UN had no right to. It is not their country. How would the UK or the Government feel if the UN now agreed for the Syrians to start bombing? David Cameron and his glorious Government are so self righteous that they do not see or accept all this.

Entering another country for no matter what reason and start bombing is wrong and always will have some consequences.

Furthermore, it was discovered by the Kurdish army re-capturing the town Sinrac, Iraq that the ISIS built 70 tunnels underground with various chambers and arsenal to protect them from bombing. The tunnels were built by captured people from nearby towns. It does not make Mr Cameron and his disciples look very clever, does it?

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