Thursday, 10 December 2015


A junior civil servant first discovered that there were serious discrepancies in their accounts but it was dismissed at that time, a few years ago.

Serco used to be the biggest company the public never heard off. The first time it came to public attention when it signed a contract to safeguard the 2012 London Olympic.  Ten days before the Opening Ceremony Serco admitted that it could not handle it because it has not got the staff.A whistle-blower also stated that the security checks on employed staff was was very bad. This was at a time when London and the Olympics were on high alert from terrorism attacks. Their contracts should have been cancelled there and then.

PM David Cameron saved his neck by deploying police which he severely cut back and Army whose leave was cancelled coming back from fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. After that he axed police and Army forces by the thousands as a thank you present.

With lots of mismanagement and swindles it now faces bankruptcy. Serco have made a fortune off the government for decades from its privatisation programme.

The question is now can Churchill’s grandson, Rubert Soames, head of Serco, save it and why should it be saved?

As always and first of all the Tory Government must have been aware since the swindles even made headlines years ago and still let them carry on.

Again the already cash strapped public gets charged with £700million (privatisation suppose to be saving) while the Welfare gets cut first with austerity and now £12billion on top of it.

The paperwork they give the contractors show a lot of complications. It can extending into a huge pile of does and don’t even for the simplest task. The government civil service laid down explicitly in great details contractors supposed to do. It often goes into hundreds of pages with phrases as KPI (key performance indication) and SLA (Service Level Agreement).  The papers are kept secret from the customer – us the public. When they are signed it is seldom that they are looked at it again.

Serco tagging contract were discovered in 2013 for charges of people who were dead, in prison or names never been found.

Serco expanded world wide and in a fast rate that the British Government was only a quarter of its global earnings.

Serco also made fraudulent charges on its contract for transporting prisoners to and from the courts. It also hit the headline several times because of the number of prisoners escaped.

Serco has a great number of subsidiaries.  Rentokil for cleaning  contracts ; G4S for securities; Capita for IT;  private financed hospitals; prisons; military facilities;  local education authorities; immigration contracts including YARL’s Wood  immigration centre.  As you can see Serco applied for every contract where privatisation was made and the Government gave it every time.

Rubert Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill, took over Serco and one month after went to Margaret Hodge, chair of the House of Commons public account committee,  which is parliamentary main watchdog over £120billion outscoring industry.

She said: “He said he was going to turn it all around. All the gossip to me was that he was going to go bust.”

There we are, the public, have another account of Government wasting taxpayers’ money. It joins an almost endless list of wasting money. Yet they have the thick nerve of demanding, and they get it despite of House of Lords turned it down, of £12billion Welfare cuts plus £16billion council cuts.

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