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even after Cameron resigned and Theresa May became Prime Minister

PM May will certainly persuade the Saudis in that fetching outfit, flashing her knobbly knees. to buy weapons. Everybody knows Saudi Arabia has the strictest dress code but she ignores it. No manners.

Human Right Groups accuses the British Government of fuelling the civil war in Yemen.
The British Government is supplying Saudi Arabia with arms which are used in Yemen. At the same time it donated £275million to the war-torn country.

Both countries do nothing but double-dealings. All the Middle Eastern countries seem to get into war due to interference from other countries. At the same time they supply arms and give Foreign Aids which are nothing but hypocrisy.  To crown it all they go to meeting after meeting to achieve peace in these countries in the Middle East. What kind of politics is it?

Britain surely must be aware or should be aware that their weapons are used by the Saudis in Yemen. 

The bloody civil war started in March 2015 with the Houthi’s rebels seized the country capital SANA’A. They were backed by Iran.

Since then the Saudi-led coalition of SUNNI Arabian Countries has been bombarding Houthi-held territories in Yemen.

In September the exiled President Abd-Rabbu Mansur returned to the country from Saudi Arabia.

Today, the British Government admitted that they were aware of the use of British weapons against civilian by Saudi Arabia.

Amnesty International UK and Safeworld received legal advice from Professor Philipe Sands QC, Professor Andrew Clapham QC and Blinne Ni Ghralaigh of Matrix Chambers.

All three lawyers were consulted by Amnesty International UK and Safeworld voiced unanimously the opinion that the UK was in cross violation of a number of arms exports agreement.

The lawyers said: “Any authorisation by the UK of the transfer of weapons and related items to Saudi Arabia …. in circumstances when such weapons are capable of being used in the conflict in Yemen, including the support its blockade of Yemen territory, and in circumstances when the end use is not restricted, would constitute a breach by the UK of its obligation under domestic European and International Law."

Downing Street denied the accusation.

Nevertheless, the Prime Minister David Cameron had been questioned several times regarding his closed relationship with Saudi Arabia. After all the Saudis were accused of playing a double sided game by supplying  terrorist groups across the Middle East and committing serious Human Rights violations at home.

Mr Cameron insisted that Saudi Arabia is an ally by keeping Britain safe.
On Channel 4 he said in October: “We received from them important intelligence and secret information that keeps us safe. The reason we have the relationship is our own national security.”

One comment opposes the other of which, we the public, cannot judge and establish the truth. However the evidence remains that over 2,000 civilian including 400 children died since March 2016. And 1.4 million people have been displaced within the country. The country has always been poverty stricken and now relies almost entirely on humanitarian assistance.

Again the question has to be asked. £275million is an awful lot to be received every year, especially in Yemen’s currency.  By now Yemen should have been lifted out of their poverty years ago.

So where does the money go?

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