Sunday, 20 December 2015


The Cabinet Office revealed that 318 civil servants are paid more then the Prime Minister. The PM’s salary is around £150,000 which is even doubled or more by eight civil servants.

Civil servant head Sir Jeremy Haywood receives a salary of £195,000 which had even increased by £5,000 from last year.

The Green Investment Bank employs 13 people.  It was set up by demand from LibDems. These employers are receiving salaries higher than the PM

Head of the Green Investment Bank Edward Northam earns £339,000.

Tax collection agency HMRC was criticised by MPs and named “worse than abysmal” despite of the criticism the chief executive Lin Homer is on £185,000.

But, of course, Downing Street defended the rise in number and cost of ministers’ taxpayer-funded special advisers (SPADS).

The statistic from the Cabinet Office shows a cost for Spads – personal appointment, not impartial civil servants – reaches a £11million in the last year.

One more point worthwhile mentioning is when Mr Cameron was the leader of the opposition he demanded a reduction of Spads’s bill.

In view of this revelation Chancellor George Osborne calmly demanded Welfare cuts which would devastate the general public, most of them already down to starvation and relying on food banks.

It is not only Chancellor George Osborne  who calmly watched the people going down into further poverty and homelessness but also Prime Minister David Cameron including the rest of the Tories.  How on earth could they have voted for a further Welfare Cut of £12billion knowing very well the situation, although they pretend it does not exists.

Again there was another 10 percent pay rise for 650 MPs agreed last year and this year. Despite 78 per cent are millionaires.

Tory MP Adam Afriyie stated that it is impossible to raise a family on £67,000. He demanded a £225,000 for expenses and no auditing. 

MPs receive a property in London if their constituency is outside London and too far to travel.  Many of them let it out to other MPs and receive a high rent of which there was a scandal two years ago but nothing was done about it, of course.

Where on earth does Mr Afriyie come from that he cannot raise a family on £67,000?

Then there are 820 peers in the House of Lords who receive £300 a day if they attend it. Many had been caught of signing in and then walk out after a very short time.
When the bill of Welfare Cuts, which was agreed upon it in the House of Common, was sent up to the House of Lords even they turned it down. It was returned to the House of Common for readjustments.

Now Chancellor George Osborne wiped the eggs off his face and changed it into a Global reform by which he can get his £12billion Welfare Cuts.

One last point, the Parliament with 650 MPs and 820 Lords and Ladies is the second biggest government after China.  

The constituencies are getting split up into two to create another MP, mostly Tory’s constituencies to guarantee a Tory government.  It is how Mr Cameron plans and works furthermore he nominates a much bigger list of Tories to be knighted. Last time 25 Conservatives while Labour had five to establish success of his bills in the House of Lords when the Tories reach majorities.

It all cost the taxpayers heavily while Mr Cameron and his disciples ignore it and constantly moan about the deficit and national debts which only Labour created, of course. Mr Cameron does neither mention, nor Chancellor George Osborne the £500billion debts they added since 2010 plus £112billion so far, since their re-election, and still have five months to go. Yet he promise again, as in 2010, to bring the debts and deficit down and voters fell for it.  How could they after the devastating austerity which brought millions of people to rely on food banks. How could they after the astronomical rise of energy suppliers' tariffs and Mr Cameron did nothing about it?

Adding the bombing of ISIS with a cost of £500million per mission where does that money all of a sudden come from?  A war nobody wanted but Mr Cameron and the Tories.

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