Wednesday, 30 December 2015


To be sure not one river was dredged so far and we are in the middle of September.

Prime Minister David Cameron would not have to play the sympathiser every winter and visit the flooded area if he had not cut £235million off the defence scheme.

With all due respect but it is nothing but a pretend of sympathy and again another promise to increase the budget.  He played now that game for the last four winters.

He even denied that the flood defence scheme budget was cut by £235million since 2011.

Again he had the nerve to look at the people who lost all their goods and their homes will be wet for months to come and tell them that he will increase the flood defence budget by £280million while at the same time he cut the budget

How can he do this without padding an eyelid? Make no mistake it will the same next winter and the winter after.  He has done it too often to be still believed. Beside all the previous winters where he visited, show "great sympathy" and proposed a great increase and now it is revealed that all this time he cut the budget.

Now the weather forecast is even worse as a cycle of storm and torrential rain will move across the UK. It is incredible how people will cope in the already flooded areas.

The only good dead Mr Cameron done is to deploy the army of 500 men and 1,000 are on standby.

Of course, Mr Cameron denied the North and South division and the 20 percent flood defence cut.

He said: “In Yorkshire we spent £100million on flood defences since I became Prime |Minister. We plan to spend an extra £280million.” So why does he cut "235million of the budget?

Mr Cameron visited York which is completely flooded by three feet of water from two rivers. So far the costs are estimate to £1,5billion. When you compare it with the great saving of £235million from his cuts it shows the worst arithmetic the Tories have done. Finally the costs of this flood will be doubled and trebled if not more.

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